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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and also new to Klipsch speaker (I have owned Cerwin Vega, KEF Reference and JBL Northridge speakers in the past) A few years ago I auditioned the Klipsch RF line and was very impressed Recently I purchased a pair of used RF-63's in good condition for a fair price, I do not care for the latest and greatest. What would be a good center to use with the RF-63's? Somehow the older center models (used RC-64 I/II/III RC-62 II seem to have a high price compared to the newer RP models) An exact match is not required for me as long the model is known to be a good performing center. Waiting until the right used center becomes available is also no problem, I am not in a hurry. Danny
  2. Hi all i haven't posted here in a super long time but i feel like have to post this. So i recently played around with my system and moved RF-63 to a different room just for 2 channel music. I had it hooked up to my living room before for 5.1 sound being run by harmon kardon avr 3600 and a sub. Sound was ok I never really enjoyed music through it even though i know my speakers can do so much more. I always thought i will needed an old vintage amp or receivers for them to sound good and have bass. They never had bass that i know rf-63's can have. So I thought i would try to buy a used equalizer from the 1970s. I bought an ADC equalizer and hooked that to my LR pre outs and then the LF out to QSC GX5 rated at 500watts per channel at 8ohms and omg BASS comes alive and sound is much much better like night and day difference playing through my macbook spotify using headphone output on macbook. So i was thinking thats it all i needed was an equalizer for my speakers to sound good. I have had it hooked up before same setup with QSC and horrible sound no bass nothing at all so i remove it and went back to 5.1 harmon kardon. But now after this setup im trying to listen to all kinds of music again like a lot. so now im like trying to buy old vintage amps maybe it will sound better even though im already happy with it. Then I read that my macbook heaphone ouput is not really good and i should get a DAC player and download HI resolution music DSP. So it took me a like a week to search for a DAC finally found one i know its not the best out there but i was just curious how my speakers can sound especially how everyone is saying DAC and DSP music will sound so much better than low quality music and heaphone out. Before that i googled best songs to demo and found "fields of gold by eva cassidy" listened to it with my current setup and wow wow my speakers sounded so good i really wanted to try DAC and DSD. So last night i finally bought Sony UDA-1 getting a good deal original price was $799 got it for $299 after debating if i should get the bigger brother Sony HAP S-1 $999 ( i was going to buy a $80 usb DAC from amazon but decided not to) I did not even think about using the 20 watts from this DAC player to power my RF-63's even though the sales man says my speakers are efficient that it would power them and sound good. They only had the HAP S-1 hooked up to Klipsch RP-160M and playing DSD file was so good and loud also but i thought that no way it can power up my RF-63's. So got home downloaded the software and drivers and downloaded The carpenters DSD album played it and it was so good sounded better than playing through laptop headphone out without DAC. Even spotify high quality stream sounded so good and of course stupid loud levels from the qsc 500 watt amp. like so loud i feel like i damaged my ears but in the back of my mind i know it can even sound better if i used a better pre amp and amplifier. So finally just now this morning after having coffee i thought hmmm maybe il hook up my RF-63's directly to my Sony UDA-1 20 watts power anddddddddd WOW they sound almost as stupid loud as the QSC 500 watt?? but most importantly so so clear! maybe its because too much connection the way i had it. UDA-1 to harmon kardon to equalier to QSC. Now it sounds way cleaner but i lost bass from the equalizer. So now im a more amazed by these RF-63's. Do you guys think its because i am using regular RCA cables to connect my systems and not those fancy expensive ones? unlike the sony UDA-1 where everything is direct inside.
  3. SOLD!---FOR SALE: RF-63 FLOORSTANDING LOUDSPEAKERS BLACK SATIN---CHICAGO AREA------NO SHIPPING! EXCELLENT CONDITION.----$700----SOLD! LINK: http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/6297232372.html
  4. SOLD!---FOR SALE: One pair of RF-63 FLOORSTANDING LOUDSPEAKERS IN BLACK SATIN. CHICAGO AREA---WILL NOT SHIP!-----PRICE DROP!---$500 I have had to pull out all the stops because my car needs work. I have one pair of these wonderful sounding RF-63 for a lucky individual. There are two issue of note: 1)The previous owner of these speakers was a KNUCKLEHEAD, and yanked the speaker cables out of the speaker connectors and left the broken heads of the banana plugs in the connectors. (this is on only one connector) The good part is you can use bare wire or spade end plugs on the connector with no issue. The other speaker you can use bare wire or banana plugs. 2) There are dimple imperfections on one woofer, courtesy of the last owner, (It does not affect the sound one bit!). With those issues out of the way, These are truly a well balanced, sweet-sounding pair of speakers, with a nice bit of kick from the bottom end. FOR SALE: PRICE DROP!---$500---SOLD! http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/6267643070.html
  5. FORUM MEMBERS! PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE! I have a very difficult decision and need the forums help in this matter. Due to massive repairs on my vehicle I have to part ways with: 2 pairs of RF-63 Speakers or-----1 pair of RF-63 Speakers and 1 pair of KLF-30 Speakers. I love the sound of both types of speakers! (I have an RC-64 Center). PLEASE VOTE FOR WHICH PAIR OF SPEAKERS (RF-63 OR KLF-30 ) YOU WOULD KEEP, AND GIVE ME A EDUCATED REASON-----WHY????? THANK YOU FORUM MEMBERS FOR YOUR INPUT.
  6. RB-75 650.00 sold RC-7 willing to ship 350.00 + shipping sold RF-63 800.00 sold All in excellent condition. Located in Saint John, IN I'll post pictures soon.
  7. Does anyone have any experience owning and or.... listening to, the RF-63 and the KLF-30? I presently own the RF-63 and have an opportunity to pick up a pair of the KLF-30's. Is the sound of the KLF-30's going to be far superior to the RF-63's (I like the speakers) or am I just making a lateral move at much expense. THANK YOU ALL for your valued input in advance.---Ed
  8. I am selling my entire home theater system, great condition, just too big now. Here's what I have for sale: RF-83 (2 speakers) - $700 total RF-63 (2 Speakers) - $500 total RC-64 (center channel) - $500 total KW120 (2 subs plus the KA1000 amp) - $1000 Emotiva 5 channel amp $250 Onkyo PR-SC886 - $300 The total price is $3250, you must buy the entire system. Let me know if you want an individual item for the future, if the entire system doesn't sell, then I may have to sell individually, though at that point the individual prices will still be amazing, but might be tweaked to the highest bidder. These are very reasonable prices, so looking to sell soon. Total cost of system was around $10,000, everything works in perfect condition. There are a few cosmetic scratches at most. Email me asap for more information, must pick up in Los Angles.
  9. in a huge bind at the moment because I'm about to move up to San Francisco bay area in a few days into an apartment. It's a small apartment, so not only will I not have room for them, but I wouldn't even be able to turn them up half way without disturbing the entire apartment complex. Asking 750 for the pair, OR BEST OFFER. I really need to sell these in a hurry. I live in ventura county California area, if you live within 20 miles of VC area, I can deliver them to your house for 750! I have other speakers I will sell also, but they aren't as necessary to sell. RB-51 (pair) RSW 10D powered sub RC-52 center here is my CL ad http://ventura.craig...4561401274.html
  10. Selling My home theater 7.1 setup consisting of 2x RF-63 2x KG 3.5 2x RB-51 1x RC-52 1x RSW 10D driven by a Pioneer Elite SC-55 receiver. included are all the cables and speaker wires. You can reach me at 714-267-8847 OR proklipsch@gmail.com all are in pinnacle sonic condition, and all are in great cosmetic condition except the KG 3.5s all except the kg 3.5s have the original packaging! The RF-52 x2 in the main picture are not part of the package, as they have been replaced by the KG 3.5 x2 Located in oak view CA local pickup would be preferred! will take $3500 for everything
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    back at home just in time for xmas
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    another shot. need to get out the good camera one day
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