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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering if someone could let me know what's the best crossover setting for my setup Speaker Setup: 5.1.2 Front: RP-280FA Floorstanding Center: RP-504C Surround: RP-500M Bookshelf Speaker Subwoofer: R-112SW Projector: Optoma CinemaX P2 Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR6100 Thanks!
  2. Reaching out for help from anyone in the community with knowledge, advice and expertise when installing a system in a commercial restaurant space. Writing this in a beginner-friendly tone because that is where I am now. I've been a lurker taking notes who has finally convinced a friend to splurge on a sound system that will be an exciting feature of his restaurant that I'm collaborating on. A high-efficiency horn-loaded system powered by SET tube amplifiers is the path I've chosen to approach this project. The restaurant's build is almost complete, with interior finishings currently being applied. I've attached images of the floor plan and sections of the space with coloured markings for the whereabouts of the D.J. booth and speaker placement proposal for anyone interested in size and layout (yellow: booth, pink: speakers). A key with materials used is also included - there isn't much leeway to apply acoustic treatment. Maybe pyramid foam within the waffle spacing of the concrete ceiling. I also feel like the large floor to ceiling windows and wall tiles would create a lot of reflections, especially with how I'm planning to orient the speakers. I have suggested adding thick drapes to help remedy this for the owners, and there would be a few carpet art pieces hung that help in absorption as well. I'm proposing 2 budget options: Option 1 / Big-Budget Features: 2-3x pairs of Klipsch Hersey IVs - suspended or mounted on walls/columns upside down with a tilt angle. The horns would point downwards at the customers and the woofer closer to the ceiling to create a similar low-end response when placed ordinarily in a floor-standing position. The speakers will either be suspended by eye bolts and fender washers hung from a concrete beam waffle structure or mounted on french cleats on the structure's columns. They will be powered by: 2-3x Decware Super Zen Triode Amplifier would love to pair the Decware tube amps with the HIVs, but I'm concerned if they have enough oomph to drive the speakers to volume when it's a busy day at the restaurant 1x Condesa Carmen in-house analogue D.J. rotary mixer 2x Technics SL-1200MK7 Turntables 1x DAC/node streamer - undecided [BLUESOUND NODE or the AUDIOPHONICS RASPDAC an option for this budget] (DAC connected through USB or wirelessly streamed via Spotify Connect - Streamed via an iPad through a lighting cable to USB adapter or wirelessly through Spotify Connect connected via a node, respectively (streaming via chrome-cast is not an option because of its inability of gapless playback)). I've also heard that the new YAMAHA RX receivers act as streamers for Spotify Connect and other applications. Possibility of an independent DAC Schiit Modi 3+ for better sound (as subjective as that is for the setup) 1x Receiver to route all the incoming signal sources to the designated amplifiers and speakers - Need help in this department. Option 2 / Small Budget differentials: 3-4x Klipsch RP-600M II - also considering fitting them upside down with a tilt angle. The horns point downwards at the customers and the woofer closer to the ceiling to create a similar low-end response when placed ordinarily in a floor-standing position. But the 600 IIs would be mounted on the walls/columns versus being suspended from the ceiling. 3-4x Reisong A10 - I heard great things & felt they'd be a good fit for the more budget friendlier option, but I'm concerned if they have enough oomph like the Decware Zen triodes to drive the speaker in a busy day 1x Vaira Instruments RD20 in-house analogue D.J. rotary mixer There are a few missing puzzle pieces in the system due to my lack of experience, and I was hoping that anyone could kindly assist me. Looking for a receiver that will take the 3 different sources (in-house D.J. mixer output, DAC-Streamer Spotify output & guest D.J.'s controller output) and send the output signal to all the amplifiers powering the speakers. Would home theatre A.V. receivers work? I've checked the backplate of most A.V. receiver products, and they all have 'surround', 'front', 'center' labels for the different speaker outputs. I'm worried about whether each pair of speakers would get other signals - which wouldn't work in my application. I've also done my best to map out how the sound system component network would work with a resident D.J. system in a booth, guest D.J. with an external mixer, and DAC for regular musical playlist programming when there's no D.J. performing. Would love to hear everyone's advice and thoughts on how I've designed the proposed system and mapped it out. I'm not sure if I've got the number of speakers right - it's tricky since where I'm located doesn't have proper HiFi audio dealers in the country - I can't test any components. The purchasing decision must be made based on faith and expertise. As you now learned, a lot would be riding on this This project aims to bring a hi-fi experience to a population and culture that is not exposed to it and be inclusive in presenting it the best way possible with the budgets at hand. Your input would be greatly appreciated! P.S. Any thoughts of anyone who had listened to the active Superwax mini by Pitt & Giblin from Australia compared to Hersey's or other speakers from the heritage line-up?
  3. Hello All, I need to replace an old speaker system (12yrs+) in a dedicated home theater. I am considering purchasing the speakers below, but I am on a budget and want to make sure I get it right. left/right front channels - RP-600M Bookshelf Speakers Center Channel - RP-504C Center Channel Side Surround - RP-500SA Rear Surround - RP-500SA or R-41SA Front Elevation - RP-500SA Subwoofer - SPL-150 Subwoofer Amp: Denon AVR-X4700H Here are my questions: 1. I like the RP-504C for the center channel, but feel it may over power the RP-600M. Is that a correct assumption or will they be okay? 2. Due to stadium seating, I need to mount the RP-504C center channel above the screen. This speaker is heavy! Can anyone recommend a get mounting bracket? 3. This will be my first Dolby Atmos setup. There is a space of about 4 feet between the screen wall with the l/c/r spears and the first row of chairs. Should I place the front elevation speakers above the l/r channels or move them closer to the MLP? 4. The rear surround speakers are on a back wall and just above the head of the listeners. Should I go with the R-41SAs or stay consistent with the RP-500SAs?
  4. Hello guys I just got my speakers Could you please help me with the settings at my AVR and subwoofer I got -> 5.1.2 ______________________________ RP-600M - RP-600C - RP-502S RP-500SA R-112SW ______________________________ At SUB- 1: I can choose between phase 0 and 180 - the subwoofer is in the mid -> frontL - Sub - Center - frontR 2:What freq should I go at Low-Pass? 3:btw my center is on my subwoofer - is that a problem ? ____________________________________ my AVR is Denon now I go to Speakers - Manual Setup - Crossovers: 4:What should I choose there it starts at 40hz next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Bass There I got 5:Subwoofer Mode : I can choose LFE - or LFE + Main 6:LPF for LFE : starts with 80hz - 250hz next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Speakerconfig 7:there I got the possibility to change the speakers to large - got them at small - is that good? next menu point: Speakers - Manual Setup - Amp Assign 8:what Dolby Atmos mode should I chose - what's the best one - or where should I put my Atmos speakers I can take /Front Height / Front Dolby / Surround Dolby next menu point: Audio - Audyssey 9:MultEQ XT ; should I choose there Reference or Flat? thanks alot for reading best wishes
  5. Hello all! I just bought the RP-440WF speaker bundle and it works great! However.. I'm having issue with the HUB not turning on automatically with the TV, here is my setup - SETUP-> Vizio Smart TV -> Optical out to RP-HUB ---- CEC and ARC turned on within TV RP-HUB HDMI out -> Visio TV ----- CEC and ARC turned on within RP-HUB PS4 and other devices connected to the TV HDMI ISSUE-> Turning off the TV turns off the HUB = OK. Turning on the TV doesn't turn on the HUB automatically = PROBLEM. Can anyone help with configuration? Any ideas? FYI: The exact same setup works perfectly with my old Samsung Home Theater - TV power turns on/off the Receiver automatically. Please help!
  6. Hello all, Need some advice here on the HT setup and configuration. I was thinking as the following configuration 1) R-610F FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER for the front left and right speakers 2) RC-62 ii for the center speaker 3) R-41M as the surround speakers 4) R-120SW as the subwoofer Receiver: Yamaha RX-V683BL Let me know if these sound good or will there be any issues while connecting them. I know that RC-62 ii is an old model and is currently not in production. Thank you!
  7. New To The Community Hello Everyone: I wanted to know if the Denon x3400h has enough to power my setup? Aside from the x4400h & Onkyo tx-rz820 are my other choices for receivers. If you have any other recommendations on receivers please do. As for my current build I have Fronts - 160m Center - 250c Sub - r-10sw Rear Surround - 240s I know you lose out on some channels on the Denon's or so I read something like that. I'm currently running a Sony str-1070dn as my receiver. I know it isn't the greatest but I found it for 120 bucks a while back. Thanks for everyone's time & advice.
  8. Hello all, I recently installed a 5.1 setup of the HD reference wireless series. While the sound is awesome, I am having some intermittent issues: 1)Occasionally one of the speakers loses connection, usually after coming back to the home theatre and powering on everything after being away for a while. The wireless hub OSD shows "uncommon setup detected" and then when I look one of the 6 speakers is disconnected. It always reconnects properly if I go through the setup process again, but it is annoying to have to do that so often. Is this a known issue. I have firmware v 1.5.12 which according to the site is the newest, released in 5/2016. 2)I am using optical audio out of my Sony Bravia XBRX930D series TV (2016), and have 3 sources I frequently use - DirecTV, the internal apps package for streaming with the TV (android TV/Netflix/amazon, etc), and a Playstation 4 Pro (2016 model). My TV is able to identify and pass through bitstream audio up to 5.1 for DD and DTS, and was able to do this with my old audio receiver. Sometimes, I notice the DD or DTS light not coming on on the HD wireless Hub, even though I know the source is outputting one of these formats, and the TV identifies the format properly. As a result I usually hear inferior sound or the surround channels are silent. It usually takes a few resets, or switching sources, of the hub, the TV, the PS4, etc. but I cant seem to find a reason why sometimes the audio source is not identified properly. Admittedly this may also be an issue with my TV but was wondering if anyone on the forums has experienced this issue with this TV. 3)I am trying to program my universal DirecTV remote to control the volume/mute on the HD wireless hub. I found an article on the Klipsch site stating there are 2 codes that work with my model (Remote RC65X/66X), however neither of them seem to work. Has anyone had luck controlling the HD wireless hub from those DirecTV remotes, and which codes were necessary to program to do that? Thank you Sincerely, Peter
  9. Hello Community, I have the sw-450 subwoofer and we just moved in to a new place so it's time to setup and recal everything, and I'm at a loss for the sub setup. My receiver has an auto-setup function with a listener mic, but how should I set the nobs on the sub? Should I be bypassing? Volume? I've seen a lot of mixed information, and I've even seen the "just experiment until it sounds good" suggestion. Can anyone give me a definitive answer? The rest of my setup is from the Icon series, so kf-28's in the front, ks-14's surround, kc-25 center channel. Pioneer Elite vsx-40 receiver. Thanks!
  10. Hey, I got the following setup and am looking to tune settings from AccuEQ Room Calibration RF-62II for front left and right RC-52II Center R-12SW Onkyo TX-RZ720 receiver Speaker impedance from the receiver settings is currently set to 6 ohms. The only other option is 4 ohms. The receiver crossover is set to: 40Hz for the front, 90Hz for the Center and 120Hz for LPF of LFE.
  11. Hi everybody! I’m trying to determine if the R-15m bookshelf speakers (that are 50% off right now!) would be suitable rear channels for my home theater setup. My primary concern is that my receiver may not be powerful enough to drive them along with the other speakers, and that I would potentially damage my speakers. The receiver is an Onkyo TX-NR555. The specs are here: https://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=TX-NR555&class=Receiver but I’m having trouble interpreting them when comparing them with Klipsch specs. This receiver is currently powering the RP-150m bookshelf speakers as the front left/right channels and the RP-250c center channel. I’d like to add the R-15m as the 2 back channels for a true 5.1 experience but I’m not sure if I’d be exceeding recommended wattage for this receiver. Help! I asked for advice last month about how to set up my subwoofer and the advice proved to be super helpful. Thanks in advance to any advice you can give!
  12. Hey Klipsch community! In the past couple years I've been bitten by the audiophile bug and I've been driven to find new and better ways to enjoy movies and especially music. First I got the two RP-160m bookshelf speakers, then the RP-250C center channel, and this week I finally got my sub, the RP-110SW. I've been happy with the bookshelf and center channels, but I'm pretty sure I have no idea what I'm doing on setting up the appropriate crossover--for the 160's and especially the sub. I'm wondering what the best crossover setting for the receiver would be, and also on the sub itself. I've read a bit and trying out different things, but thought I'd ask in case someone has a similar setup or could show me the way. I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm using an Onkyo TX-NR555 receiver. Thanks for any assistance you can offer!
  13. I just moved into a home that has several Klipsch speakers installed around the patio. They are not hooked to any amp or other device--the wires run into the kitchen and terminate under the sink. I'd like to hook them into something, and do it as cheaply as possible (for now). Any recommendations or suggestions?
  14. This is my first post in the forum. But at the least I can say that I have actually read through almost the entire Home Theater forum, and then the subwoofer forum in order to learn the basics as best as I can and understand what people like, why, and at least not seem like a complete idiot here. I have 2 things I'd like help with. The first is my home theater setup. I have attached 2 quick pictures here, obviously not a lot of time taken on them but enough I hope to give an idea. The other question I have I'll post separate so as not to muddy things up. The room itself is a rectangle, with the front by the windows being hexagonal (3 sides in the front), so there is a bit of a breakup of the room. The width is about 12.5', and the length roughly 25'. Hardwood floors with a big area rug underneath the entire home theater area up to the couch. Behind that is the dining table. One picture shows a shot towards the front, the other from the front to the back. There's a nice Vizio 4K TV centered exactly with an RP-250C center channel tucked in nicely (but with some room above and behind). I originally had a R25C and bought the RP250C when it went on sale...the difference was about $30 and the lower end of the RP250C better matched crossing over below 100 (I think the R25C low end is 82hz, the 250C is 62). Listening for all of 1 minute told me which was better beyond the specs themselves. To each side is an R-28F (not the RP280F...the R28Fs were 1/2 price for black friday, this is my first system so it was a good size expense for me still). Behind the right yellow chair by the window is an R10SW, sitting on a entry carpet doubled over. Before it was on the carpet it was boomy...once on the carpet it seemed to remove any vibration going through the wood floor). The sub is pointed along the window line...driver pointed at right R28F, port plenty of room firing towards behind the TV. This position seems to have made locating the sub difficult from the couch. Mounted HIGH up on the walls are R15Ms. I mounted them myself, wired it along the crown molding. They are that high because I wanted them above people walking around the room...a 6'6" person (I know a few) can walk under these as they are set with the bottom of the speaker at 84". The stud was there so I used Videosecu mounts. The only other option I had position-wise was about 5 or 6 feet back. I strongly considered that but thought it was too far behind the listening area...and if using a multichannel music for parties...the position was more central. I have these pointing roughly at each other, but down the 7 degrees the mounts allow. AND, in an effort to get the high frequencies down to the listening areas, mounted the bookshelves upside down (tweeters on bottom). The back surround channels are some M&K SX4s gifted from a good friend. They are amazingly powerful, have 2 5" drivers and 2 tweeters each. They are located on a display case, about 6 feet off the ground, tilted slightly forward to move the treble into the listening area as best as possible with minimal angle (I might guess, 15degrees?) All this is driven by a Sony STR-DH750, 1050 total watts (lol maybe, I guess based upon everything I read here and elsewhere). I run the auto calibration on it, and find that it's decent. Because the surround channels are high up, I definitely notice it doesn't sound the same as when they were at ear level or just above (on shelves). So I overrode the calibration a bit from 0/+0.5db increase to about 4db more than that. At that point the surround came in much better. Crossovers are 60 for the front (I found bass sounded better than 70 or 80), 70 for the center, and 80 for the surround (r15ms could do 70 too, but the M&Ks I believe were THX designed to not go below 80). I hope that's a good description, and not too much or little for some help. I realize having been through this whole forum that there are a world of other speaker options available to me, and over time I can certainly see myself upgrading the fronts and the bookshelves (which I guess is exactly what Klipsch hopes too). But for me these are incredible already, so much better than what I had before. Thoughts, ideas, tips regarding my setup? Especially those surrounds mounted on the wall...should I experiment more with moving the couch forward and back? If I end up increasing the db on the surrounds, is it better at some point instead of say going up 4 or 4.5db, to decrease the fronts 1 or 2 and "average" out the difference (i.e., instead of FL 0, FR 0, LS +4, RS +4....FL-2, FR -2, LS+2, RS+2)? Can I remount these if needed? Not now, but down the road. This is it for now, but the fronts and back surrounds can be moved no problem. I can though rotate and angle the side surrounds anyway I like (up/down 7 degrees, rotate 360). All help and criticism is appreciated.
  15. I humbly admit to being a complete novice with all things home theater and I have attempted to learn as I go along, but going along as proven to be overwhelming with a lot of the science and technical specs out there when trying to set up a basic system. Basically, Black Friday's black hole at Best Buy sucked me in and I splurged on a pair of R-28Fs, a pair of R-15Ms and a pair of R-10SWs (I have 4 other speakers that can be used as surrounds - ALL speakers are rated @ 8 ohms) & I bought what I was told at the time was an adequate Onkyo receiver - which I soon thereafter discovered was woefully underpowering for the caliber of speakers I bought. According to Klipsch's website regarding my pair of R-28Fs, they recommend an AVR that produces between 150-300w RMS @8 ohms since the speakers are rated at 150RMS @8 ohms. In my quest to find an affordable AVR that produces ANYTHING over 150w RMS @ 8 ohms, my eyeballs are slapped with units that cost nearly $2000 and more. I didn't go into this expecting to spend $5000 on what I imagine most of you on these forums would consider a pretty basic introductory system - but that is what I was hoping to start with until I continue to educate myself on putting together a custom system that I obtain audio utopia with - - - but until then, I am stuck with these speakers and have yet to locate an AVR that would sufficently power all of these speakers without forcing me to go to the bank to take out a loan - - but if that's what I have to do, I am about at the point of giving in so I can finally hook up these speakers. Over the phone, one Klipsch rep told me I'd be fine with an AVR that had 125w RMS @ 8 ohms even though their website contradicts that advice....another rep told me that an AVR with 185w RMS is what I'd need - so I just kinda hung it up for a while after all the misinformation. All apologies if this post is redundant or was posted on the wrong board. Can anyone point me in the direction of a respectable AVR that would be able to properly power the speakers I referenced above? I don't have a 3D HDTV (just a reg HDTV) * don't plan on 4K for a while * and will have to wait on Dolby Atmos until I evolve enough with the abundance of info out there that FOR NOW has me stumped with setting up my very first system. Any tips, suggestions or specific instructions would be appreciated as I am learning all of this on the fly. 2-Channel system with the R-28Fs & a subwoofer? Receivers vs. amplifiers? Watts per channel @ 8 ohms that won't potentially damage the speakers by under or over-powering them? sigh.... Thanks a lot!!
  16. Amy and I found a bunch of the 65th Anniversary Klipsch posters (only 500 ever made) in a backroom and thought y'all might like to snag one! Of course, nothing in life is free, so we have a request from you in order to receive a poster... As you may have heard through the rumor mill, we are launching a new all-encompassing Klipsch Blog and we are looking to score some really great content for it. That's where you come in! To snag one of these posters, we are requesting that you write a blog post about your Klipsch setup in the following format. Here we go... MAIN PHOTO: We will only accept high-res photos for this so please do put some effort into the photos. We really cannot accept low quality photos with the way the blog is going to be setup - highly visual & landscape. WHEN/WHY YOU FIRST HEARD OF KLIPSCH: Just write about how you first came into contact with the brand. WHERE & WHERE YOU MADE YOUR PURCHASE: THE SETUP: Discuss how you went about setting up your system and what you use it for. MAIN SPEAKERS: What model they are and why you selected them CENTER CHANNEL (If applicable): What model it is and why you selected it SURROUNDS/BOOKSHELVES (if applicable): What model they are and why you selected them SUBWOOFER (If applicable): What model it is and why you selected it RECEIVER: What model it is and why you selected it AMPLIFIER (if applicable): What model it is and why you selected it MEDIA CABINETS (if applicable): People sometimes like to know what media cabinets you're using. ANYTHING ELSE?: I obviously don't know everything that people would want to know about this kind of thing, so if you have suggestions that would make sense, lemme hear them! First...hmm...let's say 10 people to do this will snag a sweet 65th Anniversary Klipsch poster! Thanks, everyone EDIT: Just post your answers to these questions below or, if you find that uncomfortable, shoot an email to alex.leopold@klipsch.com
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