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Found 9 results

  1. Pair of Klipsch KG 1.5 Bookshelf speakers for sale. Good condition. Sound awesome. So Cal 805 area code. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Se8ETNVuWC2VRvnE8
  2. dubs


    Anyone know where i can score some rs-62ii’s? Or rb-81ii?
  3. Looking for a pair of black RS7 surrounds and a Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Architect's choice 17" ii (hear these are a good match for Klipsch) to anchor my new system upgrade from a receiver to seperates
  4. Hey all, been a while hope everyone is doing good. I've been cleaning out the music stash and found these surround speakers. Will test the waters here and see if anyone wants them. Check my history I've bought and sold a lot of gear via the Klipsch Forums. I've even sent speakers (Academy, Heresy) over seas. Please pardon the yellowish tint on the shot from the top....bad lighting. I can assure you they are bright white. Very good shape the day they arrived they went up on a wall. When they came down they went in a box. A little dust here and there, once over with a damp cloth and they should be great. One blemish on top front corner of one speaker. $65 $55 and I'll pick up the paypal fees you pay for shipping from zip 21154. Looks like with adequate packing it will be about 20 pounds. I'll ship however you like. I wonder what Barbara Miller is up to these days? Thanks Barb!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I need a little assistance please. Just purchased a pair of bookshelf RP-160M speakers for surround sound speakers. I have to sit along the back wall and the speakers need to be to the immediate left and right of the listening position. My question is, how high should they be? Should the divers be equal to my head/ears when sitting, or a bit higher? If higher, how much higher? Second question pertains to one pair of Atmos Enabled speakers I got, model RP-140SA. So running a 5.1.2 surround system. Is it best to put these speakers on top of my left and right main speakers pointing at the ceiling and bounce the sound off the ceiling or mount them on the wall near the ceiling above my TV and have them shoot the sound down at me? My left and right main speakers are RP-280F's and they are about 12 feet apart from each other and 13 feet away from the listening position, pretty much a perfect triangle. What's the best method for placing these speakers for best Atmos sound? I have a flat plaster ceiling apx 8 feet high. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. I recently purchased (4) RF7II to replace my wides & fronts that are currently RF82II. These are in fully dedicated theater. I have RB61II as my surrounds and figured why not use the RF82II as surrounds. I was planning on putting them on a 20"'enclosure and tilt them slightly with a slanted isolation pad and this will put them at 62". My question is, will it be okay to tilt these slightly? I have never tilted a floor standing speaker. My reasoning is to have surrounds in same place as bookshelves where (62") and aimed slightly down above ear level. I can't put them on floor at ear level bacuse my 2nd row of seating is on 10" riser to see over 1st row that is on 6" riser. If I can't tilt I will mount them at 48" (middle tweeter) so tweeter is slightly (2") above 2nd row setting. And 4" above 1st row setting. So tilt or no tilt guys?
  7. I have reconfigured the family room and used the opportunity to replace a few speakers. I am looking to sell an RC-3 II center channel and pair of RS-3 II surrounds. All 3 are in perfect working condition. The RC-3 has a couple of minor scuffs on front/bottom -- invisible when speaker is sitting on something and the grille cover is in perfect condition (including all "pegs"). The RS-3's are in mint condition. These were originally purchased somewhere between in 2001 or 2002 and have been in a smoke-free environment the entire time. I'm not looking to get rich here, just hoping to see these great speakers find a good home and help to defray the cost of the replacements, just a little. Asking $150 for the RC-3 and $100 for the pair of RS-3. Local pick-up only. Prices are negotiable. Additional photos available on request.
  8. I currently have 2 home theaters and am looking to make some upgrades in both. In the main room I have a 7.1 setup with Reference fronts, bookshelf speakers mounted as surrounds and bookshelves in the back. I am looking to replace the side surrounds with either RS52s, RS62s or RP250s. In a second theater I have, I am replacing a Bxxx system (!). It sucks (the Bxxx) and I know it. There I am going to use the bookshelves from the side surrounds in the main room as fronts (at least to start), and would like RS52s or RS42s....or potentially a great deal on some RS35s. With the right deal/opportunity I would even consider replacing the back surrounds in the main room, or get a 2nd set for the second theater. I guess it all depends upon what someone has and is looking to move. If you also have a matching center with your surrounds, please feel free to make an offer including that center. I could possibly replace the center in the Bxxx theater. I'm located in Chicago. If you have item(s) to potentially sell, please note I don't require perfect condition, original boxes, that they be a certain model i.e. don't mind IVs or IIs etc. A good, fair deal is what I'm looking for and great sound. Scratches, a dent or the like is OK, but good working condition is of course important. If you have something to sell or know someone who does, the favor would be appreciated! -- Roboklipsch
  9. Been awhile since I've posted, but wanted to check in and see if I could pull off this forum's great knowledge. I have a friend who is setting up his room with a 7.1 setup and I'm helping him with purchasing/setup etc. When he first wired up the room, he placed the fronts and the backs about 18" from the 8ft higih ceiling so they are at the same height - all good! the Surrounds are wired perfectly to the left and right of the seating arrangement. My original thought is to put the inwall surrounds at the same height as the Fronts and Backs. But the dilema I'm fighting is that on one side he has a 12" bulkhead - which would leave one side only 6" from the bulkhead. The other side has the normal 8ft ceiling so it would be 18" away So I'm fighting with putting the surround speakers at ear level.. or at the same height as the rest of the setup...Any thoughts? Will the bulkhead effect the sound on the one side? Room is 27ft long by 13 ft wide. Let me know if there's any other info that would be helpful Thanks in advance!
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