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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Just joined the community and was looking for some advice on speaker placement. I have my eyes/ears on a pair of Klipsch Heresy III's or possibly IV's depending on permission from the She F O 😉. These would be an upgrade to my current speakers (Dynaudio Contour 1.1's). We are getting ready to move into a new place in Brooklyn, with more space and I am trying to figure out the best placement for the Heresy's as the living room is odd shaped (not perfectly square or rectangular). I primarily listen to vinyl but also streaming music when we have guests or my kids want to listen. Below is a pic of the layout with dimensions and a few pics (not my furniture it's staged). Thanks in advance for any suggestions and looking forward to meeting more people. Cheers, Craig
  2. Hello to everyone, new to this Forum and new to the Klipsch brand. I was in search of any ideas on specific placement of these towers. The problem I am having is low end roll of, specifically frequencies under 50 Hertz. I have tried multiple placement changes, to no avail Hopefully someone might have ideas on placement. It would be highly appreciated.
  3. Hello everyone, new to this forum and new to Klipsch loudspeakers. I had a house fire few months back and lost a whole 8x10 room filled with different speakers. When it came time to start replacing some of them, I was looking for an affordable set of towers for my Mains.. I auditioned a half of a dozen pairs or so, and finally decided on a point price. I chose the Klipsch Reference R-26 towers. I thought the surface area of the dual 6-1/2 woofers, would be a nice compromise to avoid a subwoofer. I have fast become a fan of the compression driven horns, clarity and detail are superb. However having said that, the low end roll off at about 50hertz or so is disappointing. I have tried moving them away from wall or back toward them, tried removing furniture close to the towers. None of these had remedied the problem, the R-26 claims frequency response down to 38 hertz. With this low end roll off, there seems to be a "hole" with some bass notes. An example of a song with the roll off is YYZ by Rush, my other speakers seem to bring these bass notes out where they seen to be lacking with the R-26 towers. if there are any ideas floating around about placement ideas, maybe I am missing something. The other thing I have noticed is, the speakers seem to love other genre's of music, R+B. Rap, Classical, all sound decent, but I am a HUGE fan of Progressive Rock and it seems the towers rock the house, but the roll off is nerve racking. Any suggestions out there would be highly appreciated.
  4. Hi All! Looking for advice to build the best possible sound experience for an upcoming event I'm organizing. At my disposal are 6 pairs of Klipschorns, a pair of Industrial split LaScalas, and a pair of "Keystone" 18" folded-horn subwoofers that measure about the height and width of the bass bin of a Klipschorn, and stack nicely under the LSI's. I have false corners for the Khorns and risers for the top hats, to bring the high end above guests' heads. The event is a dance-focused evening inspired by the Mancuso Loft parties in NYC. All vinyl, songs played start to finish and a wide journey of genres. Room dimensions are 40 feet by 60 feet, with 12 foot ceilings, and a main dance floor area of 32' by 32'. The goal is an immersive-as-possible sound field surrounding the dance floor, while trying to avoid major combing issues or conflict between the horns. The attached file shows the scale of the room and the Khorn's and LSI's for reference. My knowledge of live speaker placement is low- would love some suggestions or best practises to make this an incredible experience for our guests.
  5. I was thinking, if there may be an option where the performance of a floor-stander is desired, but also, want to keep almost everything at least a couple feet off the floor. Any comments or recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  6. Which would you choose for 2-channel if you had a choice between Forte II's and Quartets? What's a good price for each?
  7. Hi everyone! I have a pair of Klipsch Quartets with the Bob Crites upgrades and I'm working on placement with my SVS PB-2000. The room is 21ft x 11ft and the seating is about 13 feet back from the screen. Does anyone have any experience placing these? I've currently got them about 2 feet off the ground and placed in the corners. The SVS subs are placed just on the inside of the speakers and up against the walls. I'm not happy with the sub placement, and I feel like the distance from the speakers to the seating and the shape of the room has a significant effect on the sound stage. I'm wondering if I should take the speakers off the stands and move them up closer to the seating. That would allow me to move the subs directly into the corners and I think would impact the imaging on the mains. Any thoughts?
  8. For a 7.1 Home Theater setup, if I have RS surround speakers that are 75W & 100W or 125W, should I place the more powerful 100W or 125W speakers at the Surround Side locations or the Surround Back locations? Due to windows, openings, etc, I have to place the SR surround side and surround back speakers at almost 10' high. Should I cantilever forward the RS speakers off the wall to point directly to the seating locations? Or will the sound quality and power, even at this height, be great enough not to worry about it? The total ceiling height of the room is 20' high. The area of the room is 15' x 20'. If I should cantilever them, are there any good looking brackets out there that can do this? Equipment: (1) Onkyo Receiver 7.2 TX-NR1010 140W/ch (1) Klipsch Center RC-25 125W (2) Klipsch Front RF-25 125W (2) Klipsch Surround RS-25 75W (1) Paradigm Subwoofer PW-2200 12" 250W Going to add soon: (2) Klipsch RS-__ 100W or 125W
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