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klipsch f1


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i hjave been reading several posts about bi-amping....should i bi-amp the f-1?

Without going into full detail, unless you have an active crossover, I do not believe you will hear any significant difference with "fools" biamping. I just tried this for myself with my RF-83's and my Yamaha RX-V1800 and I do not hear any difference between the two. By all means, you are welcome to give it a shot. I had to find out for myself.

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well i am not using my rear surrounds so i may give it a whirl


If I am understanding this correctly, you will be feeding 1/2 of your speaker from the front channel and 1/2 from the rear surrounds? Two very diffenent audio signals. I strongly suspect you will be very dissappointed. Very little information is goes to the rear surround speakers, and it is not the same audio information going to your front speakers. I don't think you will be happy.


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Uhhhh, I guess you're receiver isn't capable of this? [*-)] On most 7.1 receivers, if you don't have rear surrounds, you can bi amp your mains. You run wire from teh rear surrounds output to the mains. THEN, you go into your setup menu, and click on rear surrounds, and set them to BI-AMPED. Then, the wattage that was going to yoru rear surrounds goes to yoru mains; not in the format of surround, but main channels................

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