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Buying a SVS PB-13 Ultra as a replacement to my dying RT-12D


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Guys, I never used any other sub manufacturers but Klipsch. I hear some many good reviews about SVS, I'm tempted to buying the PB-13 ULtra.

In Canada, this sub costs $2300 CAD including taxes and shipping.

Does it worth it?

Can I have a better sub for that money? If, yes which one?

I probably can buy 3 used RSW12 or two used RSW 15 for that money or even
two used Klipsch THX Ultra 2 Subwoofers

Please help me decide. I saw an AD on audiogon for 2 used THX Ultra 2 subs for $1800 USD


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I won't be able to help you a lot, but I have the THX sub system and it is impressive. I got mine for $1800 as well. I had tried an SVS cylinder powered sub for about two weeks but sent it back. I do not claim to be a golden-eared audiophile, so use that as a context. A drawback to the Klipsch system is that the company will not offer any sort of assistance to owners of second hand systems if service is needed. My sub amp stopped working for a period, and thankfully recovered, but I learned I was SOL as far as help from Klipsch. If the amp has problems, you will simply have to take it to a shop.That is true for any used equipment, but I was surprised by their lack of help for a top THX model.

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  1. If you use the THX KSW 120 subs you will need the KA 1000 amp with it.

This is very true, I assumed that your $1800 deal was the two sub enclosures and the amp as well.

BTW Indy, the THX sub enclosure is the KW-120, not KSW-120. The KSW-12 is a $549 powered sub with onboard amp.

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Yes, the $1800USD deal includes both subs+ the amp. I also have a fellow Canuck oferred me his SVS PB-13 ULtra (Glossy black) + sms1 for $2000CAD

My room is 13ft x 19ft. I currently have the Klipsch RF83 package with two RB5 used back surround duty in a 7.1 configuration.

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$1800 is half of the MSRP, so it is a tremendous deal. Another point in favor of the Klipsch system is that you can use only one sub enclosure if your room is not quite big enough for both. THX certification requires that a sub produce a certain volume level in a room of a specific size (if I understand it correctly), so Klipsch used two enclosures to meet that standard. I for one don't listen at theater levels, so one enclosure with 500 watts still produces volumes of powerful deep bass in my 18 x 26 room with a vaulted ceiling. Another advantage is that, compared to the SVS, each enclosure is much lighter for moving, and their smaller size allows for more positions, and for fine tuning the sound.

I am using the other enclosure in a 2-ch system (w/Belles) with a
PartExpress standalone sub amp, also 500 w (which usually is on sale
for $350, sometimes even less). That makes two separate exceptional systems for only a little more $ than the SVS (although I don't know how 1800US compares to 2000CAD).

If you haven't seen them already, the enclosures are connected to the amp via Neutrik Speakon connectors and some pretty large gauge cables, so those may present some limits on what you can do (but probably not; I easily modified one connector for the PE amp).

EDIT: I just looked at your room photo in the other thread, and yes, you will have to use different cables to each enclosure due to the distance from your equipment location. The Speakon connectors can supposedly be disassembled without tools, and you can attach them to any hefty speaker cable.

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I have Klipsch's THX sub system as do several of my friends who still work at Klipsch. It's an awesome system and if you can get it at a good discount that's the direction I'd head.

PE has a sub amp that's pretty close to the KA1000, it even has a single parametric eq control so you can tweak it.

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