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  1. Don't get too excited: the law only applies to broadcast (over-the-air) channels, not cable channels. The FCC does not regulate cable to the same extent as broadcasts.
  2. Probably not on the current top ten list of many here, but some oldsters like myself were wowed upon seeing him in the Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock movies. Thanks to George Harrison for furthering his exposure to US audiences. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ravi_Shankar
  3. I was fortunate to see him in the late 70s or early 80s. A lifetime of jazz entertainment. http://news.yahoo.com/manager-jazz-composer-pianist-dave-brubeck-dies-170407395.html Someone make this a hyperlink, please.
  4. More like dragged out of a stranger's house in a hurry and thrown into a pick-up bed or van. I'd certainly stay away.
  5. Hmm...he suspiciously burned just days after Lance Armstrong was concluded to have doped in all his Tour de France wins. Early in his TdF series, Lance jokingly referred to himself as "Big Tex" after the custom of some European cyclists in adopting flamboyant nicknames. [*-)]
  6. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/world-most-expensive-speakers-cost-nearly-5-000-175451602.html I'm very happy with my Klipsch, thank you []
  7. "Vonski Speaks" is a great album, even a good introduction for the non-jazz-enthusiast.
  8. OOH! OOH! OOH! .....Goodbye, Mr. Kot-ter. []
  9. I'd say around $300-$350 (based on some ebay prices I saw a while back). If you can pick them up, consider that you are saving considerable shipping cost (shipping is not recommended at all for speakers that size due to damage risk), so paying a bit more may be justified.
  10. The KG 2.2 or 2.5 were designed as centers for the KG line. Being a small "bookshelf" size, they were popular in their day, and therefore are fairly often available on the auction sites. Should be able to get one for $100 or less. I would not worry about putting a KG 2.2, 3.2, or 4.2 in with your 4.5s, but other opinions may differ.
  11. Try using various tapes (masking, duct) to 'grab' the dent and pull it out. Another method is to bend a straight pin at a right angle, insert it in the dent and pull it out, then put a dab of white glue over the hole. Repair cuts with white glue and a couple of layers of tissue paper. Academys usually go for more than $300, so it was a killer deal.
  12. A MD album that departs from the early 50s-60s jazz quartet style is "Amandla" (1989) which is one of his jazz fusion efforts. To me, it is far more accessible than "******* Brew," i.e. more melodic, and is among his more contemporary sounds.
  13. I have been shooting since '98, and too have Nikon gear (but am too lazy to line it up and photograph it; what irony!). I also have the D7000, and D200; Nikkors 18-70 AF-S, 24mm AF, 50mm AF, 35-70mm AF, 70-300 AF-S VR, 75-300 AF (which I combine with 5T and 6T diopters for macro); Tokina 300 F2.8 AF. Flashes are 2 SB-600s, and an SB-800. Tripods are Gitzo 1227 and Manfrotto 190CXPro3, both topped with Kirk BH-3 ballheads (love them!). When I win the lottery, I want a Nikkor 200-400 AF-S.
  14. Re: yet another dating question: Just be yourself. Ask lots of questions about her. []
  15. That is correct. Of course, if you have any type of flat screen TV, the shielding is irrelevant. Also, there may be very little if any audible differences between the KG x.2 series and the slightly newer KG x.5 series, especially for the center. Others here may chime in differently, but a friend has 5.5s with a 2.2 center and it matches very well. KGs are an excellent but inexpensive series.
  16. Who could forget his definitive Cary Grant impersonation: "Judy-Judy-Judy!" []
  17. Most of the women still look good. And I would kill to have Iggy Pop's body. [^][:@]
  18. Shirley MacLaine screeching in all channels. [Y]
  19. Have we already forgotten about Lord of the Rings? In the first one, Fellowship of the Ring, when they encounter the river creature as they try to get entry into the Mines of Moria, lots of thundering loudness. A few minutes later when they stir up the orcs (when the skull drops into the well, and battle afterwards) is very good. Not only does it contain very loud and low passages, but other sounds utilize the surrounds just beautifully.
  20. That's my understanding of the original recording. That story may actually be in the liner notes to the remastered release of 8-10 yrs ago.
  21. I agree with Skally, the KG 5.5s are overpriced. I bought a pristine pair a few years ago for under $300. However, you can see the trade-off: Cheaper Heresys, but you will likely eventually (maybe sooner than later) want a sub (~$400 minimum) to give them a low bottom end, vs. $475 KG 5.5s w/o needing a sub (unless you eventually add more speakers for a full home theater set-up).I would try to talk the seller of the 5.5s down to at least $400.
  22. VH1 has a new (I think) documentary about the making of "Wish You Were Here," with the back story of Syd Barrett, and good interviews with band members, James Guthrie, backup vocalists, etc. It's a great complementary piece to their other doc "Which One's Pink?"
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