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question on Khorns,problem with sound

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Hi, I Have a pair of 1993 Khorns, about 2 months ago I noticed a fuzzy, distorted sound from one of them, It happens usually when playing a cd with piano or keyboard, seems to happen only in that frequency range, I have multiple amps,preamps and sources, as well as other speakers, It is in the Khorn, any ideas??? bad xover etc,thanks

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Hello Ben, Don't worry everything can be fixed.

Before others start recommending a $1000 in crossover upgrades, let's get specific about the actual problem.

1st: Have you done the obvious test? Swap the left and right channels from your amp. Now the left channel from the source - pre-amp - amplifier will now go the right channel and vice verse. Does the problem now go to the other cabinet or does it stay with the same cabinet?

2nd: do you have a voltmeter?

3rd: did party goers from a recent event at your place (or teenagers) play the classic game of "how loud will it go"?

Good Luck,


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The K55 had a habit of blowing diaphragms - if it is in the upper reaches of a piano. Stick you head against the speaker that is giving you the problem and try to determine which driver may be at fault. If both speakers are casuing you a problem then I would suggest trying different CD players, amps or pre-amps.

Good luck

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"The K55 had a habit of blowing diaphragms "

Really? That's news to me.

From 77~88 I ran the service department for one of the largest Klipsh dealers in the USA.

I never once had a blown K55V or K55M.

Now I actually replaced some K55M on the newer Klipschorns like this person has, but they were not defective. They had connector problems as I described.

I do know someone that actually blew a pair of K55V in the stock LaScala, they were driving into clipping with a 600W/8R amplifier though. So I suppose it IS possible, but not probable.

This is the song that did it, at about 3:20 into it:


(select the last version that is 4:42 long)

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