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  1. I'd first try better room setup/placement (as Preston Tom suggests) of the boxes and your seating position. You may have succumb to a 'bass suck-out' point. Lots of stuff on room setup on Google, Cardas Room Setup or CNET -how to position your speakers; being some! It some times can be a jaw dropping experience by moving them a few inches, it can also be a painstaking exercise but definitely worth it. all the best
  2. you will need a new crossover I would think to match SPL/performance with K33 and K77 (even if you go two-way without the K77)
  3. If you like what you hear don't change it until something needs changing. Listen to them for a few months then ask the question again. Happy listening
  4. Check Bob Crites https://critesspeakers.com/prices-other_stuff.html his woofers are great
  5. If you liked the sound of the F3 then you will love the CWIV sound, it is much deeper/cleaner and a step up in realism. The LS2 will not go as deep as the CWIV and is very room dependant - it loves big rooms to shine
  6. Agree, ported enclosures such as Cornwall will cause woofer overload below 25hz, if you pump more juice into the box than you ought too! The woofer's excursion moves dramatically but you don't hear anything...so careful!
  7. Here are a couple of sites you can play with https://speakerwizard.co.uk/calcs/Crossover_Calc_v2.php and http://www.mh-audio.nl/Calculators/CalculateQ12db.html
  8. Yes agree more watts but I would start to move them your from wall 12" at a time, try using golden ratio, you will ultimately find the sweet spot, less boom more kick! The room does play the biggest part in setting up any speaker, especially those big boys!
  9. Probably cheaper to make the boxes at home and ship the parts...worked for me
  10. Thanks Chris and others, some very interesting ideas coming through, thanks guys. I remember seeing a recent add for an open baffle speaker using the AMT centred around two open baffle 15” Eminence drivers. It was Pure Audio Project Trio...wonder how that would sound?
  11. Update: I have been so impressed with the AMT mod with the Cornwall and with Chris's measurements and observations that I have built a new box (higher than my first) from 1" (25mm) MDF. Padding as per Klipsch design but no bracing (tried it and didn't like it). Still used Roger Floth method. Also did some 'what if' challenges to my current thinking on balancing the network. I have used 1st and 2nd order filters (according to the book) but decided to blend using calculators and response simulators because that's all I know. I don't go crazy or listen at crazy loud but let my ears be the best judge. In my journey I discovered, through my ears, a WOW moment . It didn't look too good on a graph but I tried it anyhow. Simply I used a 2nd order filter on the woofer and a 1st order on the AMT, taking advantage of its natural roll off at around 600hz. I ended up with 3.1mH/23uF on the woofer and 41.5uF for the tweeter which came from blending 39uf with 2.5uF as opposed to one single capacitor; work that out? What I ended up with was about 25% increase in detail, greater texture and harmony and a massive increase in more decisive front-to-back imagery. The AMT sits on top of the box and is about 4ft from the front wall and 3.4ft from the side walls. It sits about 6" back from the front of the woofer. I have lots of diffusion on the front wall and use lots of absorption on rear walls as the room is small. Chris A is correct stating that when using different order filters move the AMT backwards/forwards until you get what sounds best as an alignment. A LR 2nd order at 720hz is also a blast. Love to know what I have actually done from a technical point. cheers
  12. Hi I have the RME ADI-2 DAC bought it earlier this year. What a bargain! It is detailed and some may not like the detail but after a few weeks of use it settles and becomes very musical and certainly one of the most accurate DAC's I have heard under $5k. I think the device works well with horns when it settles down, the EQ doesn't make a massive difference but can create subtle differences/nuances/enhancements when needed all the best
  13. Box size is similar to all Cornwalls before the III BUT the crossovers are not! Yes they changed when the mid horns changed but there was something missing in the bottom end, after all the box is almost identical so there really should not be any perceivable difference. Change the crossover to allow the woofer to do what it did in other models and you will notice a difference. Cheers
  14. If you were to buy, try and get the CT120 tweeter, streets ahead of the CT125, it is more revealing and dynamic. I build my own and you will be impressed with the Cornscala, once you live with it you wont want to return it! good luck
  15. Hi I have the Crites woofer and the DE120 but a different mid and lens. I designed and tried many different filters (Butterworth, L-R, Bessel) and used my ears as the main judge. I settled with something very simple (1st order with woofer @ 500) and 2nd order for mid cross but then extended the mid out to its natural roll off (8,000) and then employed 2nd order for tweet. I ended up getting the detail I wanted as well as a 'sweeter' top end. I used an autoformer to ensure the mid was 'balanced' I got lucky all the best
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