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  1. Hi I have the RME ADI-2 DAC bought it earlier this year. What a bargain! It is detailed and some may not like the detail but after a few weeks of use it settles and becomes very musical and certainly one of the most accurate DAC's I have heard under $5k. I think the device works well with horns when it settles down, the EQ doesn't make a massive difference but can create subtle differences/nuances/enhancements when needed all the best
  2. Box size is similar to all Cornwalls before the III BUT the crossovers are not! Yes they changed when the mid horns changed but there was something missing in the bottom end, after all the box is almost identical so there really should not be any perceivable difference. Change the crossover to allow the woofer to do what it did in other models and you will notice a difference. Cheers
  3. If you were to buy, try and get the CT120 tweeter, streets ahead of the CT125, it is more revealing and dynamic. I build my own and you will be impressed with the Cornscala, once you live with it you wont want to return it! good luck
  4. Hi I have the Crites woofer and the DE120 but a different mid and lens. I designed and tried many different filters (Butterworth, L-R, Bessel) and used my ears as the main judge. I settled with something very simple (1st order with woofer @ 500) and 2nd order for mid cross but then extended the mid out to its natural roll off (8,000) and then employed 2nd order for tweet. I ended up getting the detail I wanted as well as a 'sweeter' top end. I used an autoformer to ensure the mid was 'balanced' I got lucky all the best
  5. I think you'll find that people including so called 'audiophiles' are re-experiencing horns, including the cheaper Klipsch models (600M an example). Many want that 'live experience' and are tired of the 'politeness' offered by most other manufacturers. You can still get that politeness with Klipsch, just don't turn it up so load...and you can spend more money on a better quality lower wattage amp...win/win
  6. Klipsch was and still is more about the emotion of listening to as close to a live performance as possible...with as little distortion as possible. When you go to live concerts can you actual pick out the different instruments/notes played? With Klipsch you need to pay careful attention to the room and if you do you are rewarded by better sound depth imagery without limiting the great side to side imagery.
  7. Agree with pzannucci the mid lets down the Cornwall today and in the past, no tweaking of the network will help that fact.
  8. I also like the K77F but in the vertical position (not where it usually sits) but the DE120 is just a little less brutal on the ears...it's smoother and better than Bob's 125 (I had both). I think the biggest improvement you can make is getting rid of the 400 mid horn and going to a tractrix but that would require some mods to your crossover. Keep the K55 but let it do its job out to 6,000hz. The A55-G could be a great drop-in replacement. With a better mid horn you will get more detail and imagery of what's going on in the recording
  9. Go for it! Audio is like drinking wine - we can all taste different things from the same bottle! 😉
  10. I also have a 3way set up which uses a coil for the Crites woofer at @ -6db 500hz (1st order) then the Cheby for the mid-band and finally a LWR 2nd order for the tweeter @ 8000hz. I have purposely let the Altec 291K (with Le Cleac'h horn) run to its end response as the tweet takes over. I think AL K in his universal lets the K55 run out to about 6k. The tweet is the B & C DE120 that Bob Crites sells with Klipsch wave guide. I have used Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley 1st and 2nd orders but at this point the current set-up is the best for my room and my ears.
  11. here's a site www.mh-audion.nl that should explain to you as well as provide x-over values
  12. BTW I have just put together a 'Cheby' x-over for the box and AMT. I think Cheby's are used by AL K as they are a little steeper than the std 2nd Order class x-over. I do like what I hear, I seem to get more detail in the sweet spot but depending on your room you may need to pare back the woofer or the AMT a few db.
  13. I certainly agree with 'room' interplay unless of course you have some cool electronics that pacifies room anomalies. I am still using old school techniques of room treatments and ears! But if you had a K-33 or Crites woofer can you do any better than current accepted box geometry/porting?
  14. Hi Guys It appears that the Cornwall's internal box size sits at around 6.6 cu ft. I think the original was around 7.25 cu ft. My numbers assume that the panels used are 0.75" thick. So does size matter when deciding on bottom end response? I have seen a number of different sizes being used in developing the Cornscala. Bob Crites gets the 6.6 with his 22.5 x 22.5 x 22.5 internal measurement with nothing being added to the box, including the drivers. What size works best? Does using the 'golden ratio' work out better than a cube? You thoughts would be greatly appreciated. cheers
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