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K-horn/ La Scala dimensions


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Where can I get the dimensions for the base modules for both the K-horn and La Scala? I am looking for the rear chamber volume, the front chamber (between the cone and the baffle) volume and the mouth area. I can get the rest of the dimensions of the La Scala horn from mine without taking it apart. Since the mid range is about 6 dB more efficient than either the base or tweeter, I am thinking of building a second base module to stack on top of my La Scala, along with an additional tweeter to get a better balance.


Jim Norvell

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If you have the "other" dimensions, you can't help but build the correct back chamber volume in a La Scala. The "compression chamber" volume is the volume of the cone pluss the thickness of the gasket; can't change that. The opening from the compression chamber to the throat of the horn is 3' x 13" in my La Scalas. I believe they're all that size.


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Another Jim, that balances all of the Mike's on the board.

According to a set of LaScala plans I have, the rear chamber volume is 62.6 liters or 3820 cu. in. This will have some tolerance error in it, and doesn't subtract the driver volume.

Hope this helps.


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