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The Beatles 78 RPM


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Via EBay

Identify Your Parlophone Records

When the Beatles released their first LP "Please Please Me" on Parlophone, the label styles were in transition. The original record label was a Black label with gold print which has become legendary. The "gold label" "Please Please Me" cand be found with any of three variations, first credits the Beatles original tunes to Dick James Music. The second credits those songs to Northern Songs. Finally, the two credits can be found mismatched, with side one having different credits than side two. The cover accompanying a gold label copy should have the front cover credit shifted all the way to the right to the cover's edge - later covers have the front cover credit moved slightly to the left.

The typical Parlophone label from the 1960's has a black label with "Parlophone" in yellow. This basic label style lasted on all Parlophone issues until 1969, when it was replaced by a black label with silver print. However, there were three different variations of these 60's Parlophone labels, which make it possible to give a more accurate date to your Parlophone album.

  • Copies of the "Please Please Me" LP pressed immediately after the switch to the yellow and black label can be found with "33 1/3 RPM" instead of "Recording first published 1963" on the label. These copies now sell for about triple the price of standard copies. After these copies, there exist transition copies which do not have either print. These sell for 50% more than "standard" copies.
  • With the Beatles was originally published with the miss-spelling "You Really Gotta Hold on Me". These copies sell for more than the "standard" copies. There is also a variation in the publishing credit for "Money." Some copies show the publisher as Jobete, while other have Dominion Belinda. Since the Jobete copies are earlier, all "Gotta" copies of the LP have the publisher as Jobete. No distinction is yet being made, price-wise, between Jobete and Belinda copies that have "Got a" spelled correctly.
  • More commonly, the covers were manufactured by Garrott & Lofthouse Ltd. (G&L). -- The second issue "Please Please Me" album with a cover made by Ernest J. Day, Adds $50 to the value.

In 1964, legalities forced Parlophone to add a "resale statement" to their records. All Parlophone LP's produced between 1964 and late 1965 will have the Parlophone Co. Ltd. in the rim print and will have the "Sold in UK" message across the middle of the label.

  • The "Hard Day's Night" album was not supposed to be released with "stereo" in outline print -- the letters are supposed to be solid black. These copies were probably manufactured by mistake at around the time of the "Help!" album.
  • The miss-spelling on "Beatles for Sale' is "I'm a Losser" instead of "I'm a Loser." These copies are from early 1965
  • The "Help!" LP was also available on the label style wich follows (different rim print) while the record was charting. The Parlophone rim copies are harder to find.

From 1965 until 1969, all Parlophone LP's were released with labels having "the Gramophone Co. Ltd." in the rim print and the "Sold in Uk" message across the center of the label. Add a 30 value to "Rubber Soul", "Revolver", or "Beatles Oldies" with an Ernest J. Day cover

  • Original mono pressings of "Rubber Soul" were mastered louder and are nicknamed the "loud cut." These have "-1" at the end of the matrix numbers. These were pressed only for the first two days.
  • Copies of" Rubber Soul' in stereo can be found with "stereo" embossed in black or silver in the upper right hand corner of the front cover like "Revolver" has. These copies were printed by mistake and are scarce to rare.
  • The first pressings of the mono "Revolver" were only manufactured during part of the first day of pressing. George Martin stopped the presses and replaced the mono mix of "Tomorrow Never Knows" with a more suitable mix. Side Two matrices of the original issue end in "-1". The more common pressing ends in "-2" or a later number.
  • Early copies of "Revolver" list the song "Doctor Robert" as "Dr.Robert." These copies sell for as much as double what a normal copy brings.
  • Mono copies of "Sgt. Pepper" are not rare. They are sought-after, however, because of the Beatles' own involvement in the mix. The group was not involved in any other mix of any of their albums. Add $8 for a dayglo red/pink/white inner sleeve. Add $5 for the insert sheet of cut-outs, if it is intact.

Parlophone Re-Issues

  • There is a transitional issue of Beatles Lp's from 1969 with a black and yellow label but no "Sold in UK" message.
  • In mid-1969, all of the Beatles Parlophone LP's were reissued onto a black and silver label. This is commonly called the 70's label, because it lasted through most the 1970's and into the 1980's.
  • The earliest variety of the 70's label, up through 1973 is nicknamed the "one mark" label because only one EMI logo appears on the label -- later copies have two.
  • Three albums are known to have been reissued in MONO on the ONE MARK label command a higher price. Stereo copies are reasonable common.
  • From 1973 to 1976, the rim print on the "two mark" label has "The Gramophone Co. Ltd," but in 1976, the rim print changed to mention EMI as the manufacturer. After 1979, the rim print changed to begin with an "all rights" statement.
  • The black and yellow parlophone label appeared briefly on re-issues in the early 1980's. This re-issue label issue has EMI mentioned in the printing on the rim of the label and has MONO on the label.
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Isn't it a bit odd that there's no speed indication on the label to show that it's a 78? Most LPs are marked 33 1/3. One would also think that millions of these records would have been produced in that market back in the day. Did most of them wear out and get discarded, so there are only a few left?

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