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Ya, it was a good day...now it seems oddly quiet around here. I figured more people would have caught on, but as the day went on the posts got broken up and it wasn't as obvious...at about 6 AM literally every post for 2 pages in 3 catagories had that strummin's stamp...I figured something was up, but did not see the turntable post, since I am not in the market for one. I figured with some careful prodding, we would figure it out. I have to say I had a good laugh when Colter actually thought me and RF62 were talking trash about him and his posts.

If it ever gets too dull, which I doubt, we could always offer up those Ramblin' Rose Corns to the first person who can post 50,000 posts in one week and provide a picture of a cat riding a great dane and a monkey riding a llama next to a pair of Jubilees veneered in Persian Nutwood. Dance puppets, Dance!

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