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Carver M400 Amp

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I have came across the carver M400 cube amp on several e-bay auctions and for some reason be price,looks and specs decided I might get one, of course they are used and have been out for a long time from what i understand. But what do you guys think or has anyone used them? Comments good or bad. I read alot of reveiews on audio review and they seemed to really like it.
I would be using it to power my RB-81s and was wondering if this would be a good combonation
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I've never owned any of Bob's stuff but I'd like to try some in the future. Kind of a Black Sheep in the Industry, either loved or looked down upon, but somehow seemingly outside the 'Audiophile' circle. The only concern I see is replacement parts if something goes ''poof''. Some of those chips may be next to impossible to find new or prohibitively expensive, leaving you to replace the entire component. The more reputable the seller and the lower the product 'miles' the better as heat is the enemy.

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I would check out www.carveraudio.com which is a fan site similiar to this and which several forum members

belong to. Back in the mid 80s several of my fraternity brothers had cubes and they were very powerful.

I have an HR-752 receiver which uses much of the same tech. If you get a used cube it may need service

and Bob Carver is a partner in a repair shop that is listed on the carveraudio web site.

I think Carver amps are sturdy, powerful, and a great value. Some people hate them, but in my opinion

Bob Carver brought low distortion power to the masses and the golden ears never forgave him.

TNrabbit on this forum should chime in since he is a member of the Carveraudio forum.

The carver will not lack for power, but the sound is up to you.


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The cube was a fun amp, and the official version of his Folgers coffee can amp. I would take a look at one of his third generation amps, of the TFM ilk, for a little better reliability and features. All of these amps when sorted are very rugged and reliable.

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I've owned several M-400t cubes thru the '80s and '90s and they never failed me once! I did buy one on eBay that was defective due to abuse from the seller who lied on his auction description, but that was from no fault of Carver Corp. (and I got my money back)!

The cubes have powered everything from JBL L112 Century IIs to Cornwalls to Magnepan MGLR1s to even two DIY subwoofers (one with two 8" Rockford Fosgate drivers, and one with a single 15" Dayton Audio driver), and to my ears the M-400ts sounded lively, solid and extremely musical...but that's me. Some do hate their sound...not everyone loves the sound quality of McIntosh, Sunfire or Krell either, so it's all subjective.

I'd also look for the later M-400t models, which are said to have much improved dynamics than the earlier "a" models (I have never heard any versions other than the "t", so I have no references to judge overall sound quality).

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Realize that any amp that age is coming upon cap replacement time; adjust your price accordingly. It will run you from $180 plus shipping to as much as $380 to have it refurbished (it can be brought to like-new specs) by either of the highly-recommended service centers in the pacific northwest (Rolland's "Hi Tech Audio" or "Rita's Vintage Audio Repair" (where Bob drops in to sign amps when he can!). The 400a and 400t are considered better than the straight 400 as there was some sort of issue with that one. Many folks still use the Cube amps today. Here's some links you might find helpful:




How much were you looking to spend?

Also, RichP, the owner of thecarversite.com, does "hot rod" upgrades on the M1.0 and M-500t amps that have proven pretty desireable.

I've had a Carver M1.5t amp (powerhouse!) & C-2 preamp which I enjoyed, but all my current gear is Sunfire (ssshhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeettt!).

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