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  1. Is it possible to just purchase a new OEM sub driver from Klipsch and replace the original driver with the new one? I can get a refoam kit later, but I think I'd like to just replace the old driver with a new OEM driver instead of refoaming.
  2. I've owned my ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers since the late '90s and they have always performed flawlessly! The subwoofer driver has finally experienced foam surround rot and has totally deteriorated. Can I purchase a new replacement subwoofer driver only for the powered sub enclosure? Any information would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
  3. Just curious...I couldn't find any info here on the forum, and there's virtually nothing on Google searches pertaining to the Reference Series RF-10 tower loudspeakers. Does anyone here have any experience with these? Their sound quality and how they interact with gear, movies and music? Would appreciate any insight on these discontinued towers...thanks!
  4. I only listen to 2.2 vacuum-tubed stereo for my CDs, cassettes and Blu-ray movies...
  5. Thanks for the complements, Mike, Boxx and Bruce. As far as my job situation is concerned, regrettably, there hasn't been any improvement there due to this stagnet economy. I'm holding my own as best I can...at least I still have my audio system to enjoy.
  6. Another view of my mint G-7000 with Pandora online thru my Heresy II monitors and discontinued Dayton Audio 10" powered subwoofers.
  7. My classic 1978 Sansui G-7000 stereo receiver temporarely pulling home theatre duty in stereo-only mode thru my 1987 Klipsch Heresy IIs. I have nothing against the latest 7.1 home theatre receivers, but since I'm on a tight budget right now, I'm more than content with the sound quality from Pandora online and Blu-ray discs with my 2.2 setup. Soon, I'll replace the Sansui with my Baldwin tube amp and BEZ tube pre...who says I can't watch Blu-rays with vacuum tubes? LOL!
  8. A well deserved congratsulations indeed, Amy...yer da bomb! []
  9. I haven't a clue, Gregg, since every Glock's trigger guard is designed that way. Maybe as a finger rest, although your finger shouldn't really be that far forward but instead underneath the guard when not actually on the trigger. Even aftermarket holsters work for Glocks, so I hear...I guess there aren't any issues with the guard being pointed at the end, as far as I know.
  10. I don't know, Jim. I've seen Donald get pretty darn agitated. I'd wait until he's in season, though. He's a rather plump 160 pound fowl as well...might take half a magazine of 9X19 rounds to drop him, what with all that extra layer of clothing and feathers. But he'd be a tough old bird, so I think I'd shoot a warning shot over his head instead and scare him off.
  11. I'm a new owner of my very first handgun, a Glock G17 Gen4 9mm semi-automatic pistol. I never got the chance to qualify with the .45 calibre Colt 1911A1 while in the Army, but always wanted a firearm for myself just for target shooting (I'd love to get proficient at it and maybe enter sport shooting competitions in the future) and for general defense knowledge. I'm now thinking about maybe applying for a concealed weapon permit and attending a class, but that's only "if" I actually consider purchasing the "Baby Glock" G26 subcompact. I work at Disney World, so there's really no threat of anything ever happening that I can imagine on property, and I don't really imagine myself carrying a piece on my person anywhere I'd go...maybe on long road trips or if I ever have to work in Miami again (the only time I wish I had a handgun on me while at a production studio of all places...near a bad section of town)!
  12. Hey Bruce...thanks, it is nice being able to enjoy Klipsch Heritage again...I've missed 'em for way too long. The 300B amp regrettably has a hum issue I need to address before I use it on the HIIs, but my old Sansui receiver makes the horns sing sweetly...I'm impressed to say the least! And I sold the pipe organ in October 2006 just before my retired folks moved in...the organ chamber is now my dad's antique radio restoration workshop.
  13. The cane grilles are in excellent condition, along with the beautiful birch cabinets. The original slant risers were never permanently attached to the Heresys, and are only on the floor in my room temporarily until my new heavy duty Lovan 18 inch Jazz 3-post speaker stands arrive. The drivers and crossovers are all original and in excellent condition...I see no need to update or modify these consecuatively serial numbered Heresy IIs as they sound fabulous thru my '78 Sansui G-7000 stereo receiver (my 300B SET amp is down at the moment, but I can't wait to hear these beauties thru tubes)! []
  14. Thank you, quadklipsh...the classic Cornwalls and RB-75 were amazing loudspeakers. Luckily, other forum members are now enjoying them in their own systems. It's nice to know they've remained within the Klipsch family. [] My latest acquistion, from forum member Joe Bayman (flwright) of Seminole, FL...a clean, near mint pair of birch veneer Heresy IIs (HII-BR) from 1987 in original condition. Joe was the original owner, and took extremely good care of his prized Hereys. Sorry about the picture quality...my cellphone is a lousy digital camera!
  15. In 2007 I owned a pair of mint cherry RB-75s. Sadly, like the Cornwalls, they were sold due to financial woes at the time.
  16. My 2-channel system back in '03 with my '79 C-BR Cornwalls... []
  17. I too was a Carver junkie, owning some of his greatest hits like the M-400t and TFM-35x power amps, the C-1 and C-4000 preamps, etc...even an M-240 amp for my car's audio system. Bob was a visionary with extremely unique (if not gimmicky) ideas that were also quite functional; it would be sweet to see him prosper in the audio world once again.
  18. Eye candy indeed...that is a stunning 'table! [Y]
  19. I borrowed my bro's DCM TimeFrame TF350s for awhile...here are their specs: 1985 DCM TimeFrame TF350 two-way floorstanding loudspeakers. Each flat panel, hybrid transmission line enclosure consists of a .75" soft plastic-dome, low-viscosity ferro-fluid filled tweeter, with an acoustic anti-diffraction lens for improved on-axis high-frequency smoothness and balanced off-axis frequency response, and a 6.5" low-frequency paper driver with a foam surround and a kapton voice-coil former for improved power handling and efficiency; frequency response: 38Hz-20kHz (±3dB); sensitivity: 89dB @ 1 watt/1 meter; nominal impedance: 8 ohms; recommended power: 40W min, 150W max. I assume the 2000s are a more upscale model than the modest TF350s. All I can say about my brother's loudspeakers is that they're extremely open, detailed...holographic comes to mind with these entry-level DCMs! Dynamics with SACD music and Blue-Ray DVDs is outstanding for such a simple, straightforward design. Never having auditioned any other DCMs, I cannot comment on the 2000s directly...other than if the lowly 350s sound as spectacular as they do with today's modern components, the 2000s should be a no-brainer at $200 a pair as long as they're in good shape! Check 'em out if they're still available.
  20. I'm definitely game for another go-around, Mike, and this time I'll drive myself just in case my kid bro chops backs out (he's got a new girlfriend now and is never home anymore, so I doubt he would make it). I could bring my Will Vincent-modded Baldwin Organ 6L6GC PP stereo amp and some quality pipe organ CDs. Whenever you set the date for the Klipsch gathering, please e-mail me so I can request the day off...working at Disney can make planning time off a bit of a hassle since they're open 365 days a year, and I usually always work the weekends.
  21. My first Mac was a near-mint MC7200 that I've always wanted just because of its looks! Never auditioned one beforehand, but I knew I'd be happy with its sonic qualities...and I was! I'd still own it today if my financial woes hadn't caught up with me. Maybe someday when my debts are better managed and in control, I'll purchase another one (although they seem harder to find nowadays).
  22. I, too enjoy the Klipsch Facebook and Twitter posts (where I follow Amy as well), and have also enjoyed keeping in touch with old friends I haven't seen in years. Sent a request your way if you're so inclined to accept.
  23. And you're all the better for it now...you are one fortunate man, Mike. Enjoy!
  24. I'm just curious as to what you've actually heard in these demos...more air, presence, clarity? Do super tweeters with the right equipment really make that much of a difference one can experience?
  25. I was gonna mention the Cambridge Audio 840C, but it seems to be a moot point if you're interested in PCs and USB DACs...
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