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A Audio newbie that recently purchased a Kiplsch Heresy H-WO...what should I do?


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Hello Guys,

I recently purchased a Klipsch Hersey H-WO floor standing speaker this past weekend. The sound was amazing until my receiver blew (Old 90's Onkyo receiver). I don't know much about audio equipment but I want to purchase either a new receiver or amp. What are your recommendations? I want to avoid blowing up my speaker. Is a modern receiver capable of blowing up my speaker.


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One of my neighbor is willing to sell his Mcintosh MX 110. Would you guys recommend me purchasing such a old tuner tub amp or should I stick with more current models.

There are a lot of limitation with the old Mcintosh, all phono jack, no HDMI input, expensive repair bills. Would I have a problem watching a movie with this equipment or is this strictly a amp for music.


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Would it make a difference if I were to buy a quality receiver over a amp? Take in consideration that I will be using my speakers for music and movies.

Do you need a tuner, a preamp, decoders for Dolby Digital, DTS, and all the new formats? An amp, meaning power amp, I assume, includes none of those things. An AV receiver is what you need if you want to watch movies or concert videos in surround sound instead of 2-channel stereo.

Some folks add a power amp to their receiver for more power and better sound quality, often using it to drive only the main speakers, while the receiver's built-in power amp drives the rest of the speakers. However, every power amp needs a preamp, whether it's built into the receiver or is a separate unit.

There's no shame in being an audio newbie, but you might want to read up on what the various components in a sound system do. That way, you'll have a better idea of what you need and it'll be easier to fully grasp any answers you get here.
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