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content over 20khz?


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  • I guess if something bad is happening above 20K that causes anomalies below 20K, & it actually gets all the way to the tweeters, then what's happening up there is important below.
  • For example I've heard that a distorted resonant peak above 20K in some phono cartridges and some tweeters, might cause anomalies below. And microphones?? But I imagine that something has to get through to excite the resonance, to "ring the bell." Microphones, if they have this problem, certainly get battered with a lot of sound, with the instruments' overtones themselves (think of cymbal crashes, and the uppermost violin tones) probably rolling off to 0 way above 20K. Phono cartridges may receive some stimulation above 20K with direct-to-disk Lps. Tweeters, at the end of the chain, would be expected to get the least eliciting stimulation above 20K, but what was it we heard about stray high frequencies on early SACDs??
  • Another question: If there happens to be distorted sound above 20K in the recording, or let's say, caused by the phono cartridge, do you want to HEAR it (if you are a teenager, and can)?
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I'm not so sure that the mics are cutting off at 20khz

Like the KSM137? [;)]


Of course, something like the SM81 is a lot more common:

Offerings from AKG and Neumann have similar shapes. Often times, most of the HF rolloff is actually the preamp built into the microphone rather than the actual microphone itself...especially when talking small diaphragm condensers.

Large format ribbon mics are usually rolling off by 10kHz though.

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