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Looking fo Heresy II components

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Hello to all,

After much thought, moving around the existing speakers and heartfelt discussions with the wife (included a fair amount of pleading I might add), I have decided to build the perfect center channel speaker to fill out my system. Do to room limitations (and the wifes restrictions), shielding problems, and my desire to voice match my Heresy IIs, I am forced into the following program. I wish to build a speaker with the following components: (listed in order of preference)

Tweeter: K-75-K, K-76-K, or K-77-K

Mid: K-53-K

Woofer: K-1001-KV, K-1062-KV, K-1007-KV, or K-1008-KV (all are shielded as I understand)

Crossover: Equal to Heresy II

I have 4 Heresy IIs along with a subwoofer to cover the lack of deep base in the above project. As I understand (and hope), the above listed project would give me an excellent voice match to my surrounding speakers and generate the clear dialect audio that I so badly need in the center.

My hope is to find used or new components to allow me to build this project. Even better would be to find an old orphaned Heresy II lacking a mate that could act as an organ donor.

My hope is that this forum of Klipsch experts can validate this project (or at least wish me luck), and give me direction as to where I may economically pick up the parts I will need. Anyone with a few odds and ends to sell? Any input would be appreciated.


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Ebay is about the only place I've seen heresy components for sale. Last night there was a sungle K-700 horn and K-55-V for sale. The guy didn't know what they came from and the price was right.

Pay clost attention to driver efficiency. The woofer are not nearly as efficient as the horns.


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John.... I realize that the proposed center is compromised in bass. My desire is to mainly bring forward the mid range tones for movie dialect and general TV type sound. I will have a subwoofer very near this speaker to "fill" in the missing low tones. My experience with this sort of thing is very limited. Do you believe that proposed woofer will fail in producing the needed low tones for a 5.1 or 6.1

theater system? Never having had the chance to listen to a center with a 5.1 (or higher)system, I may not be aware of the bass demands put on the center. My understanding was that dialect was the main use of a center and that is why I want to voice match the K-53-K with my Heresy II's.

Thanks for any input.


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Cool! I will be doing something similar to match my 60s and 70s Heresys as soon as time permits.

All of the components you listed show up on eBay from time to time. Complete Heresy IIs are much more common, though.

Simplest and cheapest way to get everything except the woofers would be to buy another Heresy II, or two if you can only find a pair. The K-24 woofer from the one you use the other components out of would be easy to sell on eBay, as would be a single Heresy II. You ought to be able to get more than half what you pay for a pair from someone who wants a single as a center. Net cost, less woofers, after you have sold the unneeded stuff, ought to come in under $200. eBay seems to be the easiest route, but you may pay less if you can find them locally.

Any fairly recent Klispch woofer with a V on the end of the model number is shielded. You may need bucking magnets for the squawker and tweeter. These should be available from Klipsch.

Some of the components you listed may be available from Klipsch. Call or email tech support with your requirements and they will give you the part numbers and prices of the ones available. You might want to consider a pair of K-1011-KVs as used in the Academy. They have a good timbre match, similar efficiency, and are available from Klipsch parts department for $86 retail each.

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