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  1. dB MAN- I think your goal would be best served by avoiding steel around power/speaker/signal cables. It is highly illogical to think other than aluminum or wood. Live long and prosper.
  2. Glad to hear you found the miswired elements before truly giving up on them. What are you gonna do with the 802's?
  3. <EDIT-DOUBLE POST> This message has been edited by SOUNDJUNKIE on 06-24-2002 at 08:55 PM
  4. It is comforting to know as an Orthodox Christian that GOD is on your side too. If I pray hard enough perhaps one day he will take the time to email me as well, or send an instant message, to lend his support in any position I might have to defend here. He is a good and loving GOD. Peace be with you brother.
  5. quote: Originally posted by HDBRbuilder: No, I don't "dance and skirt", I just laugh at you...as do many others...but... I also, in the past week, have written postings explaining how to build and modify speaker cabinets, given historical "insider" info on the company, told a few stories, and answered any questions I could for those who have asked them (some of which were asked directly to me). Just what have you contributed to this forum in that same time-frame? I think we all have seen what your only "contributions" to this forum have been, of late. Have a nice weekend. Excellent work, glad to see testing procedures is not part of your recent dabblings.
  6. It has always been within your purview to put an end to this by having the last word. Meanwhile...you dance and skirt. This message has been edited by SOUNDJUNKIE on 06-22-2002 at 08:32 PM
  7. quote: Originally posted by HDBRbuilder: Most forum members would have just edited the previous message, instead of turning an error into a chance to get another "dig" in. I like to own up to my mistakes quickly. I learned to do this from my father as I was a young lad.
  8. Now you take credit for more of nothing, LOL. Good, we'll leave it at that. This message has been edited by SOUNDJUNKIE on 06-22-2002 at 03:47 PM
  9. Ed, I fail to see the parallel you attempt to draw with your story and it's relevance to my obtaining the required the proper data via proper testing procedures. I would tend to agree that builder has described a wood studded wall that is superior in CONSTRUCTION to many, if not all, wood studded walls...that is not an issue. I seek good data, the kind that builder himself has expressed a need for through proper testing procedures, that supports his grandiose claim that HIS wood studded false corner wall WORKS better than any wall when used with a K-horn. It is simple to understand. I really don't care to know what PWK had used with PWK's K-horns as we don't know it's construction AND don't know if it measured up better than any other wall...it is irrelevent. I also don't see any need for testimonials as it is not scientific and hearsay. As for embarassing anyone, this should only be embarrassing to one if such a claim is made and can't be supported by the data. There is no shame in producing data. If there is in fact no data...then it is a matter of the emperor has no clothes. No childish insults hurled from this side, simply adult inquiry.
  10. I counted at least 7 redlines, surprised he's still in the running. How many laps is this one?.... This message has been edited by SOUNDJUNKIE on 06-21-2002 at 09:10 PM
  11. Kudos to you John...EXCELLENT start to the weekend!
  12. The author appears to be Richard Wang, webmaster of the site. This message has been edited by SOUNDJUNKIE on 06-21-2002 at 08:50 PM
  13. Yes Justin, you are correct. I did post the wrong letters . I misspoke so I was wrong. There, I feel better now as an adult. I just wish there were some other adults around.
  14. Yes builder, we've been through the name calling thing with a recently banned member. It is really conduct unbecoming an adult. I am simply taking you to task on a comment you made and wish for further clarification. If you would provide it, we can move on from there.
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