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Get Up...and Get Down


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Tonight, I wanted to rent a movie that was family friendly (those are getting harder and harder to find) since I have 4 children ages 10 down to 3. I looked on line and decided to rent "UP".

The last movie we watched was The Proposal (chic flick) so I was really wanting to watch something action packed this time (GI Joe etc.). My hesitations subsided very shortly after hitting play on the bluray.

As with most Pixar films, the plot had substance, unlike GI Joe (from what I hear) and Transformers 2. The characters had dimension and there is a redemptive theme.

Animation was what I would expect from Pixar. Absolutely Stunning! Colors were vibrant and the CG at times was very lifelike and had a great sense of realism to it.

Now for the best part...the sound quality. During the thunder storm, my 6 yr old daughter said, "Dad, that sounds real". Dad just melted when he heard that. :) There are so many subtle sounds that help draw you into the movie. Gunshots, thunder storms and rain sounded natural and life-like.

After the movie was over, we watched the Extras on the disk. It contained several short stories, some which gave additional insight to certain parts of the movie. The coolest part of the Extras was the On Location footage. The scenery in the movie is derived from an actual location in South America. You would have never thought something like that really existed.

I totally give this movie a double thumbs "UP" (pun intended). I will definitely be adding this to my collection of BD's.


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I could not agree more about the quality of UP.

On a long summer weekend I went to a cineplex and saw:

Friday night: Public Enemies. I'll watch any movie about Chicago. It was just okay but fun to figure out where each scene was shot. Not so good cops and not so bad robbers.

Saturday: Star Trek. I watch any Star Trek movie. It was sort of okay. Only the McCoy guy got it right.

Sunday: UP. . . . J U S T M A G N I F I C E N T.

Oh my gosh, what a masterpiece. There will be doctoral theses written about it. Ahhh: You see there is the grumpy old man and the boy scout tied by a garden hose to the old house supported by balloons pursued by a ferocious dog with a squeeky vocoder, in the the jungle of Lost World, and the Zepplin and a poster of dogs playing poker, while dogs play poker.

Wm McD

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