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Heresy black refinish ?


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I am getting a pair of Heresy I's to verify they are ok for a friend and to give it some nice grill cloth. I'm thinking of going the extra mile as they are for good friends. The speakers are black but I was wondering how much trouble it would be to strip the paint and sand it back to wood? Is it possible. I've done this sort of thing with just veneer but not black to wood.

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I striped a single belle that was white from the factory. Lucky for me there was walnut underneath and I got a real good result. I also have a pair of mid 80's Heresys that are black. I wanted to refinish them as well but the edges are butt joined not mitered, I would have to veneer them.


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Seti: It's a royal pain to get black lacquer (or any paint for that matter...) off completely. Usually by the time you even get close, you are sanding well into and past the veneer. The easy way would really be to get a sheet of veneer from joewoodworker.com and after a good sanding for the glue to adhere, just refinish them. It's a fairly easy process, particularly with Heresy's. Take a look at: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/109693.aspx

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Thanks guys perhaps I'll do a test area and if that doesn't work I'll just paint it black for them with a nice gloss finish.

Groomlakearea51 I appreciate the vote of confidence but my skills do not involve veneering. LOL.... I don't want to make a bullocks of it.

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It has been a while since I have spent time with Heresy's. They are great little speakers. Everyone should have a pair.

Finish is fine they just want the cloth to match. I imagine one was in the sunlight.


Neat grain.


Year made?


Nice clean inside :) Crossovers are shiny.


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