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I don't have a problem with what Tom said, specifically the name he used and why he said it as I think I understand his position on this. My thought is that the link was good in a "funhouse" way and that it's ability to startle was well conceived. However, funhouses are not for everyone. It COULD have caused someone irreparable harm to be frightened in such a way, bad ticker or not. It IS, IN FACT, the FIRST post on the thread and there is no warning attached THERE OR guaranty any reader will observe and/or foresee the hints in the later posts of things to come? I read the BB's like I read my books...from front to back & top to bottom and hindsight is 20/20! It's kind of like we walk down the sidewalk, we EXPECT pedestrians only, but someone thinks it's funny to jump the curb with their car and "pretend" to run someone over. When all is said and done, nobody's been hurt but it was really dangerous and could have badly injured someone. Not a good idea. We come to the BB's for written convo and that's what we expect, not for our computer screens to be turned against us. Some of us, including this author, have even seen and laughed at the responses of those on the Japanese shows as one is being awakened by a canon blast or by one that scares by jumping out of an unexpected place. We can laugh because, in the end, no one died of a coronary...not yet as far as we know, and still the potential for danger is there. No, what I'm talking about is the type of discourse that is abusive for abusive sake. For example, the "bite me" comment adds nothing to the convo nor does it have any redeeming social value...it's just abusive. Other comments like "your sh*t sucks", "that stuff is crap", "loser", etc. and the incessant wordplay, by some, with one's moniker for the purpose of putdown is, IMHO, disrespectful, childish, abusive and counterproductive. There is a way to communicate effectively without such verbiage and I, for one, do not EXPECT to see such on a moderated BB. I say...Once, twice and I think 3 strikes & your out.cwm32.gif

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Let's just drop it then. At least you can be civil with your replies TBrennan, thanks be to you for that.

Lets get back to speakers guys (and gal).



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I second Justin's motion. There has been far too much mudslinging.

Let's simply acknowledge that what some found to be very funny and others found to be anything but funny.

Hopefully we can all drop the personal invective.


It is meet to recall that the Great Green Heron rarely flies upside down in the moonlight - (Foo Ling ca.1900)

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It is way too easy to send an email that is over the top, or post such a comment on a bulletin board like this one. I've done it myself, especially when I react emotionally and without pausing to consider how my message will be received by others. When I make such an error, I'm typically embarrassed. Then I either get defensive or take a higher road and apologize for offending someone.

We've all seen a pattern in open forum bulletin boards. Starts with a few earnest contributors, gains the attention of a wider audience and over time, degenerates into a flame fest. It's sad, but all too common. On the whole, this forum has been fairly civil and useful. Gives everybody a chance to express opinion and share knowledge. Hasn't disintegrated into a complete flame fest to date and I assume most here hope it will continue to be of value.

I hope all those who were offended by this thread will accept my apology - which is all I can offer. This forum presents a mirror for us all to view. I'd like to think we can all be happy with what we see.

With that, I close this thread.

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