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FINALLY DONE--210hz "KEVHORNS"-pics added 1-30


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I love the look of those KEVHORNS! dish on the drivers used, have yout thought of upgrading the drivers? warm regards, Tony

Tony, all the drivers have been updated. The woofers are Bob Crites Cast Woofers, the Mid drivers are Selenium D405 Phenolic diaphragm 2" exit drivers, the tweeters are Bob Crites/APT50 drivers.
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Great job Kevin! I like the adjustable tilt mechanism.

So... Any first impressions of the trictrax tweeter horn?

Looks like another drive to Flint in the future for me.

I listened to the pair for the first time tonite, and I am very impressed. The tweeters sound different for sure. I think they have a wider soundstage than before, and I believe they blend in better with the mid also. They don't have as much up and down dispersion as the other horns. If you stand up, you can hear a difference in the tweeter. But then again, I built these to be directed at the listener while seated, and that it does very well. Come on down and have a listen for yourself!

I certainly plan on that! Painting my dinning room this weekend, yippee....[^o)]

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Tractrix Tweeter, adjustable Mid like Wilson Audio with added benefit of Tractrix all on top of K Horn Bass -- What a combo!

When done tweaking crossovers and drivers you will have of the performance of a $30,000+ speakers at less than 1/10 the cost!

Way to Go!

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Guest David H

Kevin, I ordered a pair of the Selenium Drivers to test, I will pair them up with my 223 Tractrix for a listen, or I will scratch out a new horn for testing.


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