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mcintosh mx-110


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Looking to recap my Mcintosh MX-110. Does anyone have parts listings for that, whats the best caps to do so, tips, tricks, ideas, suggestions or links? I'm aware I can send this to Terry and will do so after I'm done. However, I'd like to attempt it myself- caps, cleaning. Of course I'll need it adjusted when I'm done.

thanks in advance


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I like the Mundorf Silver Oil caps in my MX-110. Not cheap though.

There's not a lot of room in that pre for some of the cap replacements. I don't know if this is your first attempt but the 110 isn't one I'd lose my cherry to.

A good cheap cap that matches well with the Macs is the Nichicon Audio grade caps.

Good luck,


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lol.. I lost my cherry a long time ago ..

guess I'll build a box to send to Terry. Audioclassic wants $60 for that.

It does look like you need an elf for some of those caps,


btw, just went over the chassis with some wax, Q tips/ mirco cloth. looks fantastic. Those letters will stay but you have to be very carefull, mines 100% still so I did something right tofay lol

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The size issue on some of the replacement caps was my major headache.

IF you find a qualified Elf tech send him/her my way as I've still got one needing done eventually.

My apologies, it's as "politically correct" as I get.

Good units when done right.


I agree with Harry. I bought some Solen caps to replace the ones in the phono section. Then I opened the bottom and realized why Terry gets so much work. There was no way I was going to get those caps into that tight spot. Boxed it up and off it went to Terry. Four weeks later I went to Knoxville and picked it up, along with a bag of about 25 resistors and caps he replaced.

Terry is the man!


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