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Klipschorn questions


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Malcolm-I've cut into Russian ply that is stamp certified to DIN 68705 and found voids. Your experience is different. My lumber yard carries CANPLY cert'ed products. I have purchased premium quality, veneer core Canadian birch ply product, so far so good.

My next project will be using a product made by Georgia-Pacific called Fiber-Ply. It is a veneer core

plywood manufactured using paper thin plys. It cuts like MDF but has higher glue and screw holding capacity. The core veneers are hardwood, face veneers come in many species. Cost is about $75/sheet for 3/4" thk. Comes in 1/2, 3/4 and 7/8" thickness. Has a density about same as MDF ~45lbs/cubic ft.

Why did you purchase 40 sheets of plywood?

Are you a cabinet maker, speaker manufacturer?

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A big THANKS to all who responded on this thread-you've been more than helpful.

I still don't know if I gonna go forward on this deal as I really don't need them but really WANT them!I'm going to call the owner tomorrow and ask some more questions and try to strike up a deal.This all started when my wife mentioned she wanted to visit her friend in Virginia soon and I spotted a set of Klipschorn not far from her home.I mentioned it to my wife who I thought would be furious about another set of speakers in the house but it was she who mentioned we take a road trip with the minivan and pick them up if I really want them (gotta love it).

Once again Chris thanks for the invite but I wouldn't want to disturb your family time this week as you sound busy yourself and Wednesday is the only day I have available this week.

I'll keep you all informed of the happenings this week and if I do take the plunge there might be a set of Cornwalls up for sale in the near future.


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Jeff, really, if you're taking the minivan down and the baby too, plan on taking the high frequency units off as well as the cloth side panels (the wingnuts holding them both on are a no-brainer). The bass bins should face each other pretty easily. I will be cramped, for sure, but doable. These puppies are big.

And plan on getting a strong back to help you unload Smile.gif


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Mdeneen....actually she has never really won any tournament but she looks absolutely fantastic losing. I'm sure you've seen her in commercials, as she makes 99% of her salary on "being beautiful", not hitting the ball over the net. More power to her...

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