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Advice on selecting surrounds to match my Klipsch (classic) mains and center.


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I'm new on this forum and here is my situation. I am trying to round out my HT system and select the best Klispch surrounds for my current Klipsch center and mains. Here is what I have so far;

Center: Klipsch KSP C-6 (8 Ohm, 150 watt max, 600peak)

Mains: Klipsch KSF 10.5 (8 Ohm, 100 watt max, 400peak)

Sub: Klipsch KSW-150 (15" driver with 150 watt amp)

Pre-amp: Outlaw 950 (soon to get)

Amp: Rotel RB985MK2 (100watt 5 channel)

Since my mains and amp are 100 watt, I assume that the surrounds only need to be 100 watts so I'm ruling out the suggested surrounds for the KSP C-6 center (please tell me if I'm wrong on this). The suggested surrounds for my mains are the KSF-S5's which are discontinued. That leaves me with Klipsch's current selection of 100 watt surrounds unless I can find someone selling an older pair.

From the current Klipsch surround selection I was leaning towards SS-1's which seem to fit the wattage and are smaller.

Guys, I am open to suggestions here. What would be the most economical match for my current speakers without sacrificing quality. I am open to buying used models, I just need to know the model numbers to search for. Thanks!

Robert Derouen

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Current trend seems to be to use standard full-range speakers matched to your fronts for the rears, not bipolar/dipolar speakers specifically designed for surround. In your case that would mean KSF 10.5s insetad of KSF-S5s. Don't know which would be easier to find on the used market. eBay is a good source for used Klipsch speakers, though.

The pros and cons of the different types of speakers for the rear have been covered in other posts here. You can find them in the archives.

IMHO you will be better off finding the appropriate KSFs than trying to use something out of the current lineup. That way you are guaranteed a good timbre match. Maybe someone who has gone on the same quest as you will chime in here with an acceptable alternative.

FWIW I have 5 nearly identical speakers and a sub in my system and am quite pleased.

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Ignore the power absorption rating of the speaker! It is not a very useful parameter and should NEVER be used in determining which speakers to buy.

Buy the speakers that match your other speakers and turn down the volume at the first sign of distortion. You will be hard pressed to stay in a room with 100 watts pumping through any Klipsch speakers.


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I was convinced (by this forum's resident 'all speakers the same' evangelist - HornEd) to experiment. I am still having some Center trials and am holding back on that review until complete. I do not view the rear centers as valuable until full range signals become the norm.

So....When I fnally got Heresy mains and surrounds fired up (after some extensive carpentry work and feeding my wife bourbon until she agreed) I was completed taken in. What has occurred is not the in your face, here is what these speakers do, but a very natural fill that is the most pleasing I have experienced. It shines in 4-6 channel stereo and is amazingly non stressed in 5.1 and higher stuff. I get the feeling now that this is what the sound folks were thinking when they edited. It is so natural the you have to turn off the surround to remind you of what you would be missing (and it is lots). It really does meet all the cliches - enveloping, natural, tonal matching, etc.

My opinion - if your room (and significant other) can handle it I would go with very near exact match mains and surround. I'll report later on what has happened with center.



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I too dealt with the same issues you are facing now.

I purchased the KSF 10.5s and the KSC-C1. I upgraded the center to the KSF C-5 (Found one used of course) and it was an incredible difference. Regarding the surrounds, I looked and looked for the matching surrounds on Ebay. Finally I contacted Klipsch Technical support and they suggested that the closest match would be the SS-1s. I currently have the SS-1s. They have the same frequency response as the KSF-S5. The SS-1s also have increased efficiency 94 db vs 90 db (I heard of others complaining they would have to turn the rears to +10 to even hear the KSF -S5). And all this comes in a smaller box. The SS-1s sound good but sound a little "thin" compared to the other speakers in the system. I am happy with what I have. It is extremely rare to find the KSF-S5 used, however, as soon as I purched my SS-1s, a pair of KSF-S5s went up on Ebay! - just my luck! If you can get the KSF -S5s get them, if you are getting impatient, like I did, get the SS-1s.

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Wow kmijeski, I'm surprised to see someone else from Johnson City since this is relatively small town! Hey what are you using as a receiver or pre/pro out of curiousity?

I've been using a Sony STR-DE915 forever and when I finally had saved up enough and ordered a Toshiba widescreen, the Sony receiver crapped out the next day. I was donated an almost new Rotel amp so now I'm waiting for the Outlaw 950 (which is looking like it might be several months before I get one).

Suffice it to say, I have plenty of time to get the surrounds so I might use that time to take everyone's advice here and look for a used pair of KSF-S5's. My only problem with that option is that even used, I'm sure someone would want around $200 for them. Thats makes it hard because I've seen brand new SS-1's for sale online for under $270, plus they are smaller which would help with the wife factor.

Thanks to all of you for your help on this subject! any new suggestions are certainly welcome and appreciated.

kmijeski, when I get everything together you are invited to drop by and have a listen since you live in town! My email is robertd@xtn.net

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I use a Yamaha receiver for my main HT set up. I really like the features. Several people on this site like the Yamaha/Klipsch combination.

With regard to the SS-1s - you are correct about the wife factor. They are smaller and less obtrusive. The KSF-S5 also have a metal grill cover which is another reason I decided to go with the SS-1. I like a cloth grill cover better. I have seen the KSF S-5 sell used on Ebay from $200 to $250.

My e-mail is KMijeski@chartertn.net

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Since you spoke of HT and not music,I'd recommend using the speakers Klipsch designed to work with your KSF10.5's.Those are the KSF-C5 center and the KSF-S5 surrounds.The KSP-C6 you have now should work fine for center use as the C-6 has the same K-97-KV tweeter/horn that the C-5 uses.The surrounds show up often on E-Bay(sometimes new)at the prices mentioned earlier.

Another pair of 10.5's for surround use would be good if you have the room for placement.IMO, the best scenerio would be to have both 10.5's AND S-5's if your receiver allows for them.The WDST surrounds provide diffuse effects which I sometimes prefer for HT.

Good luck and hope this helps.


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Originally posted by talktoKeith:

Since you spoke of HT and not music,I'd recommend using the speakers Klipsch designed to work with your KSF10.5's.B]

Thanks for the reply Keith. Actually, I will be using my system for music as much as for HT. Knowing this, would you have any different suggestions? Thanks


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Hey Robert.See below the speakers I use in my system.

For HT use the WDST surrounds cannot be beat.Someone here recently spoke of a movie that contained rain effects.The dispersion of the WDST surrounds mounted above seated ear height will disperse the sound so that you seem to actually be 'standin in the rain', whereas monoploes will give you a directional clue and sound as if it it just raining over your monoploes.Room placement will have some effect on monoploes,just as pointing them toward a wall and getting a reflected sound will effect the sound of monopole surrounds.However,nothing will sound like a bipolar(WDST)or dipolar surround.The presence of monopoles will be greater than a WDST speaker because of design.The monopole will sound louder,that sound coming from one point/source.

For music(I use 7-channel stereo)the monopoles would be preferable,to me.If,in your room,your rear monopoles

were closer to your sweet spot than your front monopoles then you would likely have to turn the rear monopoles volume down as they would overpower the fronts resulting in a less balanced sound.

I can listen to music in 5 channel stereo and then turn on the KSP-S6's and the additional mid/hi's that they provide improve the sound greatly.Of course,that's to my ears in my room with my speakers.Your mileage may vary.

I sincerely hope this has helped you somewhat.Good luck.



KSP-300 FL/R







DENON 3801






KG5.5 FL/R




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