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Aura Bass Shakers


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I'm seriously toying with the idea of getting a pair of these (they come in pairs)

I found several more powerful offerings, but I'm not really interested in anything that needs to be mounted to the joists for the purposes of shaking the whole floor. I just want to mount them to the bottom of my recliner. For that -- the Aura Bass Shakers will suffice.

I read the manual but I have several questions.

1. The manual says nothing about a crossover. One would assume you need a crossover -- yet nothing is said regarding them.

2. I understand I need a dedicated 50 watt amp. No problem. But how am I supposed to wire it if I'm already using both mains outs on my preamp for my 2 channel amp and my subwoofer (line level inputs).

Any clue on these things?



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Just like Sounddog says. I put a y-splitter on my sub out jack, and that already carries the crossed over frequencies.


KG 5.5 (mains)

KLF-C7 (center)

KG 1 (rears)

SVS 20-39CS+ (sub)

Aura Bass Shakers (pair)

Kenwood amp for sub and shakers

Denon AVR 681/1601

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Yes, the Aura's take speaker level input. You would route the RCA connector from the y-adapter off your preamp's sub-out, to your dedicated Aura amp (that you provide). Then, connect speaker wires from the amp to the Aura's, just like hooking up regular speakers 'cept these ain't got no speakers in 'em!



My System

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