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sb-3 ot rb-3

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I have to get book shelf speakers, but want to keep the price down as much as possible. I am trying to decided between the sb-3 and the rb-3. They are very similarly priced. Is it worth getting the reference series, or should I get the best of the bookshelf synergy...???


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You have them backwards. Reference Series is above the Synergy Series in quality of components used and quality of sound.f>s>

The RB3's retail for $650. Remember -- more times than not you get what you pay for. This is one of those times.f>s>


S Frontiers/Anthem CD-1f>s>

Cary AE-25 SuperAmpf>s>

Sonic Frontiers Line 1f>s>

Marantz DV-7010f>s>

Klipsch LF-10f>s>

Klipsch RF7'sf>s>


Toshiba 36"f>s>

Inside every small problem is a large problem struggling to get outf>s>c>-- 2nd Law of Blissful Ignorancef>s>c>

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deang- This is a troll. The username obviously intended as a joke. Their info is wrong because I believe it was unimportant to get it right, just to post the name. As the Queen would say indignantly as her bottomside needed a scratch,... "Go away, itchy Balloonknot!"

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