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RF-3II vs. RF-5


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I have an opportunity to upgrade from my RF-3II to a pair of RF-5 speakers. The specs are not so different (but I know specs don't tell the whole story), but has anyone had a chance to compare these side-by-side? If I sell the RF-3s and buy the RF-5s, the cost difference would be around $300.

I use mine in the living room for low volume background listening (mostly classical, jazz, blues).

All suggestions and comments are appreciated.



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Can't say I've listened to both speakers side by side, so you can take my commentary with a grain of salt:

From what I've read on this forum in past threads, the sonic differences between the RF-3s and the RF-5s weren't much to write home about. At the very least the upgrade isn't reputed to be as striking as the jump from the RF-5 to the RF-7. IMO, if you're simply aiming to get the most sonic boom for your green, I wouldn't bother.

That said, there are other details to consider. First, there is pride of ownership: I don't know if your RF-3s were produced in China like most of today's reference line, but the RF-5 was and still is produced in Hope and has a real wood veneer; maybe that is worth something to you, maybe it isn't. Second there is relative condition: maybe your RF-3s are looking a little run down, and the RF-5s are in pristine shape? Might make a nice aesthetic upgrade for your living room. Then again, maybe not.

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It's been a good few years since I bought my RF-5's, and I auditioned them alongside RF-3's and RF-7's. The rf3 didn't get a second listen, I knew that the choice was between the two bigger brothers, the RF-5 won the day purely for budget restrictions. Though I can't now give you a detailed description of the differences, it was quite a difference, as was the RF-7 vs RF-5...only more so.

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I aswell cannot offer a fair comparison, I can only speak of how well the RF 5's perform. As Stephen said there are some notable difference the made in Hope is nice the real wood veneer looks good aswell.

As Oldenough noted the RF 5's were a noticeable step up over the RF 3's. The RF's sound great with extra power, I was disappointed with their 2 channel performance from and Onkyo 805 but when powered by the Aragon 2005, 2 channel was much better.

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