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  1. Bump. Sale pending on the RF-5s and RC-35.
  2. I appreciate the support guys! Hopefully the pricing is aggressive enough to move them out the door. My wife has told me I can get more toys when they're gone [6]
  3. Good evening folks, I'm aiming to sell off my old Klipsch Reference setup, all in black ash finish, produced between 2002 and 2004. Mains: RF-5s: Condition is fair to decent; in normal lighting conditions (i.e. without shining a flashlight on them), the finish looks decent, although there is some wear due to the age. In good working order, though I don't have the jumpers (I'll toss in a free set of biwire cables to make up for it though, 8' Canare StarQuad cable. Asking $400 Center 1: RC35: Condition would actually be pretty much mint but for one corner ding (thanks UPS).Good operating condition of course, and not much else to mention here. Asking $200 Center 2: RC3II:Condition is pretty worn, but still in good working condition. Asking $100 Surrounds: RF-15s: These are in pretty good shape;one has a watermark on the top of the cabinet (though you'd need direct light to really see it), and another has what looks to be a pinhole sized mark in the vinyl veneer. Other than that, they're in very good shape. Asking $300 One small caveat regarding the floorstanders: I've got spikes on both speakers at the moment, but if you're interested, I've also got rubber nubs for one pair, but only for one pair. At this time, I'd prefer a local transaction (in the DC area). Offers are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  4. Like I said, while they measure their subs outdoors for repeatability, maximum output of the SW-115 is clearly rated in 1/8th space (corner loaded). Of course, if the SW115 could output 121dB @ 30Hz 1m 1/2 space, that would be rather impressive. Even the mighty Danley DTS-10 only puts out 115.8dB @ 32Hz @ 2 meters 1/2 space, translating into 121.8dB @ 1m 1/2 space. http://www.data-bass.com/images/measurements/29/Q%20DTS10%20CEA2010%20THD%20CHART%20PASS.PNG
  5. Just as an addition: The eighth space rating does seem to be correct, even for subs where it isn't mentioned. Here is the max output per CEA2010 protocols of the SW-311 http://www.data-bass.com/images/measurements/51/L%20SW-311%20CEA2010%20CHART%20PASS.png At 32Hz, 2 meters, 1/2 space, it is measured to deliver 102.6dB, so at 1 meter 1/8th space, it should deliver 120.6dB. At 25Hz, 2 meters, 1/2 space, it is measured to deliver 97.9dB, so at 1 meter 1/8th space, it should deliver 115.9dB. Per it's spec (which doesn't state 1/2 space or 1/8th space), it has a maximum acoustic output of 118dB @ 30Hz. This appears like it would be bang on with what was measured if you translated it to 1 meter 1/8th space.
  6. Incorrect. Straight from the SW-115 Spec page: http://www.klipsch.com/sw-115 Presumably the subwoofers are tested in 1/2 space (outdoors) to obtain a more repeatable result, but the rating itself is very clearly for 1/8th space (corner loaded).
  7. I also use a sub for 2 channel listening with my RF-5s. As deep as your mains might dig, a subwoofer of commesurate quality can likely dig deeper with less distortion while offering more output.
  8. This is correct. The crossover on the sub is there for systems that lack other bass management.
  9. Sweet lookin woofers. Can't see anything offensive about it, unless maybe you're an avid cat person.
  10. FWIW, measurements can show this effect just fine: SVS PB13U: 15Hz Tune Waterfall: http://www.data-bass.com/images/measurements/55/B%20pb13%2015hz%20waterfall.jpg Group Delay: http://www.data-bass.com/images/measurements/55/C%20pb13%2015hz%20group%20delay.jpg SVS PB13U: Sealed Waterfall: http://www.data-bass.com/images/measurements/57/B%20pb13%20sealed%20waterfall.jpg Group Delay: http://www.data-bass.com/images/measurements/57/C%20pb13%20sealed%20group%20delay.jpg You'll notice the difference in this case is primarily below 20Hz, which is why I say with a very good ported subwoofer, you're unlikely to notice much difference with 99% of music. Here's how the Danley DTS-10 performs comparatively: Waterfall: http://www.data-bass.com/images/measurements/29/E%20dts10%20waterfall.jpg Group Delay: http://www.data-bass.com/images/measurements/29/F%20dts10%20group%20delay.jpg
  11. As with most things in life, it's more complicated than that. A ported sub will typically have phase and ringing issues around its tuning frequency. However, if you push those issues down low enough, they become practically moot. In the end, it comes down to implementation and engineering.
  12. The phase control is to help blend it with your main speakers and to prevent interference between them and your subwoofer. If you're using a receiver with an auto-calibration routine ala Audyssey, you can leave it at 0 and the receiver will handle phase itself. If not, you can make adjustments and see if it improves the sound.
  13. Have you tried adjusting phase of the sub? Also, while you've tried multiple spots with the sub, it might not be a bad idea to do a sub crawl: put the sub at ear level of your seating position, and crawl around on the floor to the point where bass sounds best to you.
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