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Anyone using an SVS PB-13 with Khorns for 2 channel?

Mike Lindsey

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Be sure to check the depth, the SVS's are pretty deep as I recall.

EDIT, is the PB-13 a sealed sub? If so, the depth should be OK, but you may need 2.

The PB-13 is ported and is 27" deep, which is its only fault. I'm also looking at the JL Audio Fathom 113 which has the right dimensions, but is sealed, and might require 2. Unfortunately, I can't afford 2 of those. [:)]

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JL owner here. I'm not sure if you are aware of the PC13. The cylinder version. Might save on space. If you find a JL dealer they are more than willing to work with you. They did for me. Also I don't think you understand the level or caliber of these subs. The design shouldn't be the issue, ported or sealed, the performance should. These both are over achievers. I didn't pick Klipschorns because they were horns.. They just sound amazing! - bill

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The new ones now come with a 1000w Sledgehammer amp (used to come with a 650w Bash amp) which I think would be sufficient enough, but would it be able to keep up with the Khorns when pumping some volume (100 db or so)?

When you get to the point of mating the two, I'll be interested to hear how well they perform together.

I use a PB-12 Ultra/2 to accent 4 KLF-30's in my main system. It has a 1000 watt bash amp driving two 12" drivers in a ported box and has no problem keeping up with the 30's. Keep in mind it's purpose is to "accent" the 30's.....not bear the sole responsibilty of supplying the bass(for two-channel).....although very capable. Your Khorns may be a different story. [*-)]

Besides the sound quality, the best thing about the X-30 is the adjustable phase. A simple little unit but it enabled me to blend my sub in much better than with the bells and whistles on the sub itself. I don't know why....but it did.

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