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What Amps With Bi Amping


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system 1 is a marshall 120/120 for the ELF, a marshall 9200 (100WX2) for the LF, a marshall 9100 (50X2) for the MF, a marshall el84 20/20 for the hf

system 2 is a peavey 120/120 for the lf, and a peavey 60/60 for the hf

working on a new setup that will use a manley studio chasis 250 for the LF, dynaco mark VI's for the HF

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The mid/highs of my Cornscalas are powered by a hand wired KT-88 SE amp run in triode mode, using Hammon Pt1628 output transformers, 11 lbs of output iron each. The driver tube is a Russian 6N1P. I have been having great sonic success using Russian 6N1P and 6N2P tubes. I use an Ashley 1001 cross over. The low end is taken care of by an Adcom GFA454 II.


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