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RF-7 for music


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I currently have this setup RB-5,RS-7,RC-7 and RSW10 hooked up to a HK 520 rec and Sony c555 SACD player. I find myself listening 80% to music and 20% watching movies. Im thinking of getting the RF-7s and adding a second sub.I heard the RF-7s in a dealer and liked them but would these be better for music.A another buyer(former RF owner) at the dealer told me RFs are too harsh for music.Saleman said they are stronger in the high end.


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Hogwash. You have the RC-7 which uses exactly the same tweeter as the RF-7's. They are fantastic speakers when driven by a good amp and in conjunction with a good sub. Your RSW10 is too small in my opinion to be of much value to them. Depends on how much bass you want - my friends find the 12 satisfying enough but I would recommend the 15.


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Not necessarily hogwash. This is the salesperson opinion, and a lot of people would agree with him IMO. Not me, however, and apparently not you either, as you seem to like the Klipsch sound. If you like it, go for it! And don't be bothered by the harshness or whatever they think the weakness is, if you have an all-Klipsch system already and you like it, then you'll love the RF-7.


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About the salesman and harsh Klipsch sound

First dont listen to the harsh voice of the so called expert(who gave him the title?),the salesman probably wears diapers,probably full of it!

Now the RF-7's are quite good music speakers if you use quality ampification or a tube amp.The RF-7 and RC-7 tweeter does not lie and will let you hear if an amp or source is edgy.Most High-End speakers attenuate this section,giving a more delicate presentation.

When I compared the RF-7's to the Contour 3.3's I too found the RF-7's bright.After a few A/B comparison tests I adapted to the Rf-7's quite well and now use them to listen to love rock,heavy metal and all electronic music.For acoustic music the Dynes win with ease,but you have to do a A/B comparo to really say "WOW the Dynes are so detailed and uncolored".

And for around $2000 the RF-7's are damn good,unless you like the rolled off sound.Again most "High-End" speakers start to roll off,and with reason.Audiophiles find then less agressive and will pay for this a few good dollars extra.

In fact I find it bizzare to listen to Totems or Dynes after I did listen for a few hours to Klipsches. LOL

And when I listen to Dynes and Totems the Klipsch sound bright.

Hey its all about personal taste and what you value most.Still with a good amp and source the Klipsch RF-7's are great speakers any way you look at it.

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Where do people come up with this stuff?

RF7's are too harsh for music huh?

Maybe the music is too harsh for the RF7's?

You may eventually have to upgrade your front end to get the most out of them -- but for now -- I'm sure they'll do music just fine.




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