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Building a LaScala from scratch


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I am bored so I plan on building some la scalas to ease my mind. Although I know that it will probably make me mad in the process. I was looking at some plans and I have a question. In my plans the wedge right in front of the throat is cut straight across. Is that right? Wouldn't it be a smoother horn if there were wedge openings cut into the top and bottom so the 60 degree wedges from the top and bottom flanges could fit into it.

I hope that is clear

I was also wondering if there are cheap driver and crossover replacements available. I have built many advanced "boxes" (no horns) in the past, so if I screw up or make a "half ***" one I don't want to be out a lot of money with the drivers. Parts Express has a lot of equipment but if anyone could let me know the Thiel/Small parameters of the K-33-E and mid and high specs of the K-55-E and the K-77-E that would help out a lot.

Like I said this will be my fist horn. I would like to use them just for something to play loud at parties etc. ANY help or info from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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Fitting the 3 wedges in the rear would be a good idea. I wish I could remember if mine are fitted that way.

The K-33-E is only $100 or so from Klipsch. There's no better woofer at a cheaper price. You could contact CTS or Eminence to see if they have something else that's close enough. Used drivers could save you something, too.

One squawker was/is made by Atlas. They still sell the PD5-VH to the public. It is either the same, or very close to the K-55-V. I think you'll pay about $160 each new. Look for used ones.

Nobody makes a similar horn to the K-400/-401. If I was building a La Scala, I'd add corner reflectors and make it a 2-way system using an Altec 511B and a 802/902 or 806 driver. You'll HAVE to get the Altec stuff used, but you'll have a cheaper crossover (I think a 511B/806 is 104 dB/m) and fewer parts. If it's not cheaper, it won't be more. Getting E-V T-35/T-35A tweeters, the K-77/K-77-M is getting tougher and more expensive.


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Is it possible to build the horn, see how good it fits together, then put the woofer in? It looks like putting the woofer in through the bottom after completed would be a little tough. I suppose it could be done though. I don't know, I'm just rambling. Well see.

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Installing the woofer isn't very difficult. It is held in by bolts into t-nuts previously installed on the other side of the motorboard, NOT by wood screws, so unless you have something like really huge hands and forearms, you shouldn't have any problem installing it through the door hole in the bottom of the cabinet after completing it....just be sure your wiring leads are the right length. The key to the whole LaScala cabinet is its "doghouse", so be sure that it goes together square so you don't have any problems building the rest around it...Hint! Hint!

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