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Why run video through the receiver?


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Ok my friend has been hassling me about this. I run my component video from my dvd player to my TV. I don't run it through the receiver because I dont see what it really adds. I tried to explain to him some things that I thought it might add but he doesn't believe me. So I told him I would ask this question on the world's best forum page cause they always have the correct answer. He said that he was told that when you run your video, whether its video, S-video, or component video through your receiver it adds quality to the picture. I said no it doesn't. Am I right? So we are both wondering what exactly are the benefits of running your video through the receiver instead of directly to the TV? I run my audio through the receiver obviously but not the video. Any benefits of running the video through it too?


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Yep I have been wondering the same. What I have done is run my component directly from my DVD to my TV. From my reciever, I run a dippy RCA plug from my receier to my TV for my OSD.


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it may reduce quality, especially with large-bandwidth HDTV signals, but it allows you to plug everything in the receiver, and only one cable to the TV, then swithc with your receiver instead of switching the TV's input every time.

also, as stated before, it allows you to use the On Screen Display, of course.


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The potential for reduced clarity will largely be based on the quality of the components & shielding methods. But it is usually felt that the fewer components in the signal path the better. My guess is the risk factor decreases with pre/pros because they don't have internal amps and fewer elect components to cause interference.




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Yeah if anything it would decrease quality but.. The

decrease you probaly wouldnt even notice. Its probaly

so small.. Its main feature is for the OSD of the reciever

and it lets the receiver act as a switch box for the video

so all your video sources change with the audio ones

this way you dont have to keep plugging and unplugging




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