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Solid State Amp for Chorus II


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Hello, I am new to the forum. I really want a pair of Chorus IIs for my listening room/studio. I have a Carver a760X power amp that I want to use to power the speakers in a 2 channel set-up, and looking for input about suitability for the Chorus IIs. The amp is rated at 380 watts rms. Thanks for your input!

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Power wise, you're A-Ok, and you should be fine with the Carver. Not sure if that's one of the Carver amps voiced in a particular fashion or not, but that's more a matter of personal preference anyway.

Chorus do like deep breathing amps, despite their high sensitivity, as I suspect the load they present is no walk in the park. Kind of like most Heritage. So good and proper SS, or tubes, are just what the doctor ordered.

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I have never owned a Carver but have heard several with non Klipsch speaker with poor soundstage and music realism.

It depends on your objective, bone crushing or music realism. Carver is a market leader in bone crushing SS SPL.

I will be selling the Linn Kolector and LK150 I have been listening to for over a year with my Chorus IIs. A long story of two houses and a long term need to try a EU SS amplification as an audio experimental goal.

I was going to sell the Linn duo in 6 months but found the pair to be the best SS I have owned in 30 years of trials. Not bone crushing but loud enough to hear 100 feet out side the house my wife says. Realism from the Linn SS is effortless and non fatigueing. Never found CD player to buy but have read Linn is like Naim. They like sound best played together. My modded MSB DACs I figure cannot be too far behind a Linn CD player in accuracy and low jitter.

I now have an Audio Research SP-14 with my VRD and Chorus II. CJ preamp will be used with my Scott power amp and Belles.

Most instances when I place a time on how long I will keep a compnent, I pretty much stay with it.

With the Linn I have kept them 3 times as long as I expected.

I wouild suggest upgrading the CAPS in your Chorus IIs and do more research on amplification.

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Thanks Guys. I was mainly interested in the power handling capability of the Chorus IIs. My roomate at college had a Crown DC300 hooked up to his Cornwalls, and it sounded nice! Thanks for the input. Marty

Well I have used a QSC SRA 2422 @ 425wpc on my Chorus II's and they handled it with ease showing zero signs of strain. Also used a Crown K2 @ 500wpc with the same results.

If you have clean power they can take it and reward you with some bone crushing bass.

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The Carver should be fine. Most people never use a small fraction of that much power and Klipsch designs tend to range from efficient to highly efficient. Any well-designed and built solid state amp should give you a clean clear soundstage with good detail, and pouring money into questionable audiphile hype won't improve anything other than your desire to believe your money wasn't foolishly spent.

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