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Help with Onkyo 809- Emotiva


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ok heres a question im looking over these specs on the onkyo recievers, now obviously emotiva claims a true 200 watts per channel and with the size it would be hard not to believe them, but on the other hand im always alittle concerned with how favorable onkyo is with their power ratings but heres my question

when you try to compare on onkyos site the 5009 3009 1009 and the..... 809 (Which i currently own and i want to add the XPA3 to). The 5009 and the 3009 show a comparison of wattage per channel when it comes down to the 1009 and 809 just blanks no numbers. so i started lookin into the indvidual specs and i see why....and they are only 135 wpc at 2 channels driven so really running a 7.1 set up this is no where near 135 wpc then....Right??

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What game?

I am guessing he meant the inconsistant, skewed, misleading wattage specs that the mass market AVR companies publish.

Here is one of the more honest(if not very conservative) published specs and test report.

NAD T785 A/V Receiver


All data were obtained from various test DVDs using 16-bit dithered test signals, which set limits on measured distortion and noise performance. Reference input level is -20 dBFS, and reference output is 1 watt into 8 ohms. Volume setting for reference level was -4. All level trims at zero; except for during subwoofer-related tests, all speakers were set to "large," subwoofer on. All are worst-case figures where applicable.

Output at clipping (1 kHz into 8/4 ohms)
1 channel driven: 174/218 W (22.4/23.4 dBW)
5 channels driven (8 ohms): 148 W (21.7 dBW)
7 channels driven (8 ohms): 121 W (20.8 dBW)



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I am guessing he meant the inconsistant, skewed, misleading wattage specs that the mass market AVR companies publish.

Unfortunately, that's one of the realities of a market where consumers expect 100 watts per channel, even if it only represents a relatively insignificant 3dB over 50 watts per channel. Still though, not sure why he changed his mind over that. The only things that should matter are if it gets loud enough for your purposes and if it sounds good. Sounded like SQ wasn't an issue, although perhaps he wanted to really crank his system.

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