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AV Preamp Processor

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First I don't want to junk up OP's thread so the short version.Everything written here is opinion, including all that 5508 is great stuff, whether true or not is personal.As to my UMC, it's the cheapest prepro of a dozen I've owned and it can hang with any of them plus they did not have HDMI.I've never had any problem, my PC ,BR, cable all work as good as any I've owned.I never push it, but I do love it.

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Has anyone ever tried the 2 or 3 zone for music, on any of the pre pros out there. I was looking at onkyo/integras, and running the 2 zone for my 2 channel in a different room or out side. Since you wouldn't be using audyssey wouldn't it just be pass through to your amp of choice and sound decent. I ask because I mainly will be using the pre/pro for ht use.

As for upgrading I don't see why you would have to upgrade a pre/pro seems like it would get costly considering these companies put out a new one ever 6 months. If the sound quality isn't there to begin with then it wasn't worth the 1200-2400 to begin with. Just my thoughts on up gradeing for sound quality.

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The Anthem or Arcam would be nice, but not at what I see as a crazy price

Price aside, what puts the Anthem or Arcam ahead of the Marantz.....?

I love music, the Anthem sang and the 7005 was not as good as my UMC.I have not heard the Arcam but I once had an Arcam avr and it did music nicely.The XMC may have only one HDMI out, it's a non issue as that is easily solved for a few bucks, as to bugs who knows? But I'm way in.There is no unit with no complaints, if there is it will have.The 7005 was the Giant killer, then someone discovered it used Denons cheap avr analog section,so I read.I know I was not impressed with sound, it operated great.

hdmi splitter


24 dollar solution to a thousand dollar problem Big Smile

im not sure on the exact differences between the marantz 7005 and 8003 but I remember hearing it was slightly lateral with ups and downs for each unit when compared to each other, maybe some newer features or dacs in the 7005 but better components for the 8003? anyway the umc was a no brainer on cost/performance for me and while im not desperately waiting for the xmc I do have a feeling it will be in my cabinet eventually, the firmware and support with emotivas products is definitely top notch

If I'm not mistaken splitters don't work as well as you might think. Its been a while back I read up on them but it seems to me that if both pieces receiving the signal from the splitter don't have the same capabilities then you'll only get the lowest of the two's. For example if you want to split the signal from a blu ray player to your tv and to your receiver or pre/pro since your tv isn't capable of decoding the surround sound codecs they are not passed to either. I think tech support at mono price told me that, but don't quote me because it was months to a year ago.

The reason I was trying to do this was I used to hook my TV via component and my pre/pro with HDMI. But after a firmware update my old blu ray which used to send 1080i to the TV with component and 1080p to my pre/pro with HDMI started sending the TV 480 (can't remember i or p, doesn't matter it sucked). I've read its part of the analog sunset http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/10/analog-sunset-begins-all-the-new-blu-ray-players-will-only-outp/ . The reason I did it this way was I didn't feel I needed to have my surround sound system on for some of the stuff I was watching on Netflix, etc. I just wanted to watch it with just my TV speakers.

If you notice in my signature I've got two blu ray players this is the reason why. I've got my Sony BDP-S480 hooked to my Onkyo with HDMI. I found it at Best Buy as an open box item missing the remote for $60. Since I use a Harmony I figured the missing remote wasn't an issue. I was looking for a Sony because it lets me set the output to be the original resolution where as the Samsung I have you can set the resolution to one output and it does it for everything, or set it to auto and it upscales DVD. I didn't want the blu ray player to upscale DVDs if I watch them because I think my Onkyo has a better video chip than what is in my TV or my blu ray player.

I figured for $60 it was worth doing it this way and not dealing with a splitter. The Sony blu ray player is only used when I'm watching a movie on either DVD or blue ray and the Samsung is used when I'm watching Netflix or other streaming stuff and even movies that I don't want to bother firing up the surround sound to watch. I bought that Samsung on sale at Best Buy around Christmas really cheap so in the end I've got two blu ray players for less than what the Samsung was selling for a few months before and no worries about handshake issues. Since the Harmony remote turns everything on and to the right inputs for what I want to do there isn't anymore hassle doing it this way either. I know it seems odd but it works for me! [:)]

I guess I'd check with mono price tech support or read the reviews and research it a little but it seems to me that the splitter might not do everything you want it to do. Like if you have a 1080p TV and a 720p projector I don't think it would pass 1080p. I don't remember the details but there was a reason I avoided the splitter idea in the end. It was a year ago so maybe they've improved the splitter's ability to handle handshake issues.

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Sorry, I think the 7005 sucked for music

Actually, I like my 7005 for any source other than a turntable. Agreed the Marantz could use some more attention there. It reproduces SACD/DVD-A rather well though for it's price. To be fair, I haven't heard an Emotiva, but otherwise I would say there is no competition in the price range.

Completely agree with the rest of your post though. The Anthem in my book is without equal sonically IMO. It's not just room correction.

W.C., I've heard the Anthem (d2) with my jubilees in direct 2-channel. The detail/fidelity and dynamics are just unmatched. Now, my room sucks, and ARC isn't just for HT (although this is where it REALLY shines). In 2 channel, w/ and without ARC engaged, Pianos are articulate on a whole different level. The way instruments blend I really just cannot describe. I love live music, and this is as close as I've ever gotten to feeling it in my living room. Maybe there are some out there that can compete (Arcam came close, definitely above the others I've heard but no Anthem), otherwise I haven't heard any I'd put on the same level. To me, the D2V is the only amp I'd be proud to claim as my combined HT pre/pro and stereo preamp. Otherwise seperate the two

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