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to Bi or not toBi-wire

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Can do.

Will do.

Posting stuff is really new to me.

I'm not really into the "net".

Really into my Klipsch though.

I find this forum to be the best source of information.

The new age of audio tech seems to come with limited informational resources.

That's why I enjoy only this site.

Alot of smart people around these parts.

I learn a little something everyday.

I'm even finding out that I don't know half as much as I thought I did.

Wow! Now talk about audio reality.

Mine was a bit clouded.

Now, it's becoming clearer everyday.

Thanks for the feedback

Was that better?.

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Sometimes when I mention cable here, I get the feeling someone is waiting to strangle me...with the cable that is.cwm35.gif Bi-wiring is probably the most cost effective way to better sound than any other tweak one can buy. Keep them physically separated as mutual inductance will come into play. The fastest way to audio bliss IMHO would be to shorten the speaker cable to a bare minimum and lengthen the interconnect to a pair of mono-blocks. It minimizes the negative effect of speaker cables, increases dynamics and channel separation. One can still bi-wire from there. Keep on truckin'.

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