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  1. You did not....JB. Your'e just teasing, I presume. That's like saying, I've got 22 pair of desireable Klipsch speakers in MY basement taking up space with the other 40+ sets hanging out there. Just preposterous...I say Nonsence.
  2. I'm constantly on the lookout. Habit, i guess. I've found only a few Klipsch laden businesses. Nothing terribly notable. I did, however, spot an Academy center and a pair of KG1s at a local thrift, very recently. And.....wouldn't you know it.......I am broke as a joke. Man, it was hard to walk away from that one. Especially, since I don't have them, already, in my collection. We have a Logans a few miles away....i'll have to check out their speaker compliment.
  3. I've heard this fine story before. Sigh..... Great rememberence fellas. Wish I could have been there. Glad you, my Klipsch Forum friends, have rekindled those great memories. Kudos to you, long time devotees, for your insight, thoughts, and kinship in this great passion of ours. Love you guys. As an owner of a pair of '57 Khorn monos, i'm constantly reminded of the lineage as it relates to the woodshed. One man, one saw, and a passion for good sound. Regards, John.
  4. Very cool, Jim Congrats. Heh....... Funny though. You're still listening to them old style, outdated, Klipsch speakers. Jeez.... Step into the modern age man.... Maybe some nice Pioneer or Sony, Best Buy BPC is in your future. Who knows? LOL. Cornwalls. Heh. I use my 76 Cornwalls as bookends. Granted...it's a pretty big bookshelf. They do the job. I mean, for real brother..... What you need is a new pair of '57 mono Khorns with the large throat and K-5-J horns couple to an 1825M driver with some ESS tweets. Just what the doctor ordered. If you can't find a pair of 57s'....I might.....just might, let you in on this pair of Laquered Chorus I have. They are pretty. These babies are more well traveled, than I am. Which ain't saying much. Ha ha. Merry Christmas Jim-n-family. Hope all is well. Thinkin' of ya. Regards, John
  5. Now that's what the Klipsch forum is truly all about.....friendship. Merry Christmas, fellas. Regards, John
  6. Hi there.... Congrats on your purchase. Klipsch has been and will always be the best bang for the buck. Really, when running Klipsch in a HT or 2 channel set up.....you can run any decent receiver or amp that was ever made. Seriously. If you feel confident about your current receiver, then ultimately, let you ears be the judge. Klipsch speakers are so sensitive, that any receiver you use will shine brighter with their speakers, than when used with any other manufacture. Without question. I seriously recommend commiting to a complete Klipsch HT. You will not be let down. Put the aforementioned speakers in the den and call it good. Nothing wrong with Mirage (I have few pair) but they can't hold a candle to a comparable model by Klipsch. Good luck and enjoy. Regards, John
  7. Well......... I'm not here, no mores... This place be weak.....and they all hate me. Still luv ya, less. Clu....ur pretty cool, too Regards, Krazy in Kalamazoo
  8. ....Also, I assume it would help reduce acoustic issues within the enclosure. IMO. Regards, John... the hater of all things audio.
  9. Wow... That deal with you're balls just sucks. I would let you have mine....but I've only got two...and I happen to be using them... On the net...... In this forum.... At this time.... So forth and so on..... LOL (In agreeance with Captain Morgans and myself, the rest of this post was edited for content) Regards, John
  10. Hello, Could use some helpful insight... I'm currently running a Technics 1200MK2 in my main system. I've enjoyed it for a few years, now. Recently, I came across a Denon Dp1200, at a local second hand store. It looks sharp and seem to be in perfect operational condition. Problem is, I just don't know much about it. Plus, the price seems kinda high. ($250) I'm thinking about picking it up and swapping it out with the Technics. (my main system is comprised mostly of Denon gear.) I just don't want to pull the trigger on it, before I get all the facts. ($250 is steep for me, nowadays) -What can you all tell me about it? -How does it stack up to the Technics? -Is $250, too much for this piece? Thanks, John. BTW. Both tables have stock tonearms..
  11. Ohhhh brother. If I had the extra scratch, i'd be all over this deal. Wow. I can say, without a doubt, that Kevin really takes care of his gear. Whomever receives this bounty, will not be disappointed. Regards, John.
  12. Hmmm. I have a pair of vintage Pioneer coax and those are definately what the tweeter controls looks like. Exactly. Guts look pretty stock, otherwise. K-5 horn w/ University SAHF. WE 500-5000 network. Regards, John.
  13. Hmmm... Well.... My picks would be; Infectious Grooves. and..... Gary Wright.
  14. I didn't have many speakers, before I discovered Klipsch. One or two sets...maybe. But.... once I got bit by "the bug".. it has been down hill, ever since. Now, some 80% of my collection is of the irreplaceable type. regards, John
  15. Ha! I just rented it last night. Have to admit......my views mirror those above. I was laughing my a** off and completely offended, at the same time. Good stuff....but not for the weak spirited. I'll never look at Bob S...the same way, ever again. Heh. What a sick puppy. I can respect that. Heh. Quite a show. Talk about pushing the envelope. Man o' man. I hope MY 2 TEENS don't see this any time soon. Seriously! Regards, John. P.S. The descriptive narrative by George C, really got me. Hah. Sick bastard. I love it. Anyone for some corn with a little fiber additive. Too bad about his polyp (sp?) I'm sorry... that was so wrong and uncalled for.......but.......it seemed so relevant.
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