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La Scala as Mains?? What Center?

Rob's Klipsch

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I am setting up my home theather and I have my La Scalas as my front mains. What would you recomend as a good center channel? I have been looking at diffrent Klipch centers and I don't know which would be most compatable. The guys at the stereo shops are not very knowledgable. Please Help!!!



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A Heresy with the same squawker and tweeter drivers would seem to be the best practical match. I'm using a KLF-C7 with my 4 La Scalas and I'm entirely satisfied. The match with the -C7 is not perfect, but it is good and it is a good size and is shielded.


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Hi, I've got my La Scala's paired with 3 Klipsch THX KT-LCR speakers, one for center and two for rears.

It aint a perfect match but it is pretty seamless with movies ...

good luck. The KT's are discontinued but occasionally a set shows up on Ebay.



Gear: Klipsch La Scala ;THX home cinema: KT-LCR, KT-SW15

Onkyo Integra DTR-7 THX

Denon POA-2800 Amplifier

Panasonic RP91 DVD

NAD 7140 Stereo receiver (Pre Only with Denon Amp)

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Where is HornEd? This post has been here two days already - He usually jumps in on these questions telling them to match there centers to there mains.

Rob - Another LaScalla or Belle would be your best match. You might be happy with a Heresy but that is up to you.

I tried a Heresy, evan a pair of Heresys for centers in between my Khorns, and I thought it was a littly two weak sounding, but that is IMHO.


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