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Klipsch and Tubes and Subwoofers, O My!


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Chip, I've used a single subwoofer with LaScalas and Heresys with very pleasing results. IMO a single decent sub is more than adequate. It doesn't even have to work all that hard to round out the bottom end nicely.

I know the occasional person who will use a sub with Khorns, but to my ears the Khorn bass extension is quite adequate on it's own. Ditto for CWs.

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Guest David H

I was wondering if anyone uses a pair of sw's with heritage speakers and tubes? If so, how does it sound. If it is bad idea, why?


Heritage tubes and subs..... You are playing my song.


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Well, a single sub, hsu, vtf-15h.

It sounds very good, although it took awhile to realize that it blended better turned down a bit [H]

On some music, the sub doesn't do anything, on some tracks, the very low end appears from nowhere. Sounds fantastic!

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I have never used a pair of subs but I did use a single SVS PB-10 with my H2's and it sounded great. I had to buy a Paradigm X-30 that I used with it and that little X-30 really let you dial it in. I would have kept that setup but a sub is not needed with my Chorus 2's!

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