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Torn between 2 luxman amps for my klipschorns


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So I'm enamored, of late, with Luxman gear. Unfortunately luxman is not widely distributed here, consequently auditioning is a problem. So this question might end up being more theoretical: I'm getting back into hi-fi after 14 year hiatus of using my stereo to watch movies and suffering through my McIntosh C15/MC162 combo (long story) and I have a fond memory of a Luxman SQ38 EL34integrated through the Khorns many moons ago. But I have also read a lot of good press about the L550 Luxman class A solid state and the whole class A thing makes a lot of sense if you don't require a whole lotta juice.

Given that either amp has plenty of wallop for me, has anyone used either of these amps on their Khorns with long term success? I guess the L550 would take away from the insanity of tube rolling that I may be predisposed to. My recollection of the SQ38 with a Dennon 103/Thorens 320 is that it did the liquid midrange thing very well but my audition was temporary.

The press has been very kind to the 550 and Art Dudley seems to have been taken with the SQ38. I suspect this is one of those situations where I can't loose. But I'd love to hear of some actual experience with either of these.

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This is the website for the distributor of Luxman in the US.


Contact them and they should be able to tell you who the nearest Luxman dealer is to you.

Luxman has the latest version of the SQ38U out but it is not cheap since it is imported from Japan and sold thru a US distributor.

Back in 2004 I bought a Luxman L-505f 100 watt integrated SS amp from Audio Cubes 2 which imports Luxman from Japan a free heavy duty max 1000W voltage transformer to convert electricity to US.


Luxman did not have a US distributor at the time so this was the only way to buy new Luxman other than going to Japan. The L-505u replaced my model a few years later and the Audio Cubes 2 price is about $1200 cheaper than the US price. The downside is the manual is in Japanese and if you have any problems with the unit(very, very rare unless damaged in transit) you would have to ship it to Audio Cubes 2.


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I haven't had an opportunity to hear any of Luxman's new stuff since they've had their "come back" after that Alpine buyout fiasco. I do have a trio of Luxman MB3045 that I love dearly and have to recap before firing them up again. They have that ability to "see" into the performance, as if you can see every musician playing (even my mother, rest her soul, described it that way and she really didn't give a damn about any of this S###) And yes, "that liquid midrange".............Ahhhhhhhhhhh. The new stuff is so pricey though. Or maybe I'm just getting old and shrewd. I use a McIntosh MC7205 for everyday use which sounds very good and negates some of the tube maintenance chores of the other amps. I have some Wright Sound Lab 2A3 SET which have great clarity but they lack that powerful sound of the MB3045. I've heard Craig's amps (NOSvalves) and I like what I hear.

I know all this doesn't help. It's either the lower/no maintenance of the solid state stuff or the euphoric coloration with maintenance of the tube stuff. I finally decided it was easier to have my cake and eat it too, so I've got all kinds [:P]

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I will check out the NOS Valves site and thanks for the other tips/links/thoughts. I know my personality is prone to experimentation and the whole tube variable thing would probably drive me and my wife nuts. Then again, that's part of what made this hobby so fun back in the day.

I had those Wright amps too. Small world. I have fond memories of them. They could do solo instrument, acoustics stuff so convincingly but every once in a while you want LEd Zeppelin to show up and nothing in my price range could match that MC162 for concert level volume with finesse (at least in the short list that I tried). Now, I think I'd fall off on the other side of the fence. I suspect either of the luxmans I've mentioned would be a great comprimise and I'm certain either of the built in preamp on the luxmans would stomp the daylights out of the C15.

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You know that didn't strike me until I was about to check this thread again, and I started singing that line in my head, then I read this post and the 70s all came flooding back at once... The Cordoba with its rich Corinthian leather, Torn Between Two Lovers, Pet Rocks, Click-Clack balls, polyester leisure suits..... oh man...

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