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Subwoofer Riser: Good/Bad/No Difference


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I was considering the use of subwoofer risers. It is suppose to decrease energy in vertical room modes and decouple the sub from the floor. I was interested in opinions from forum members that have used homemade risers or Arulex SubDude.

Hay Derrick I have the Auralex Great Gramma for my subs and they really do make a difference in my basement, I had a lot of rattles from my hvac at certian frequencies. The platforms cut down on 99% on the rattles and the only negative thing is that I had to turn up the gain a couple of clicks to compensate from the platform.

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liebherr954 I read up on the couplng issues and more on room modes. The use of sub platform/riser seems to make a lot of sense. Last night I put both subs on some mini block and the bass and midrange seemed better I may make some risers this weekend. Putting Fiber glass insulation that has been wrapped on the bottom of the rises can also act as a bass trap. I have hard wood floors which is prone to coupling and axial mode.

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