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Looking for a pair of K-400


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If the K-401 horn is of interest to you, these are still available from Klipsch Parts for $50 each.

That's nice to know. I will probably give them a call. The K-401 is a little "nicer" in terms of its overall sound, relatively speaking, IIRC.

Thanks Dee.


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Well, I thought that the cast aluminum is the best.
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I actually like the speakerlab HD-350 better than the 401 or 400. it's a clone . Cast quality is superior to the 400. I'm not a subscriber to the plastic being better theory or the elusive ring a ding ding of cast horns. Just my preference. To buy them from klipsch you need a serial number from some speakers that use 401's. Last I heard, they were in low supply.

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