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Klipsch "C-Horn" Homemade Top (think LaScala top) For Sale


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Hi there, John again in Tennessee. I have an interesting "one-off" I need to find a new home for. I have a great home theater with Klipschorn's as fronts, Cornwalls as surrounds, and up to now I have tried many different speakers as a center. For the longest time I had a pair of Heresy's wired in parallel but they didn't really sound right either. Long story short, nothing really jelled with the K-Horn's and while this was going on my buddy in Michigan undertook building me a dedicated center channel speaker utilizing matching components to the K-Horn's.

The center (or "top) was completed early last year and shipped down to me. I lost the bet about it being able to suffice without a bass cabinet. It was unuseable as you can imagine with just mid and tweet - even for vocals. But if you connect a LF driver in the mix it sounds awesome! So Matt (my best friend) was working toward building me a matching bass module and then I discovered a beautiful single Belle within driving distance (Hi Mick!). So I now have the perfect center between the big guys and I'm very happy.

Though it pains me to do so, I am putting the "C-Horn" up for sale. It has all new components with the exception of the lightly used K-55M. A brand new AL-3 crossover was purchased from Crites last year for it and the K-77M, and K-401 are new as well. The cabinet is strikingly beautiful (notice the attention to detail) and matched to my K-Horn's perfectly (see pics). The measurements are 24 x 24 x 9 3/4" high. It's quite heavy as you can imagine and works perfectly, I just can no longer use it since I bought the Belle for center use, I thought about making it a rear "7th" channel but my rooms too small. The speaker works fine and when combined with a bass cab it will make a perfect center for somebody else, perhaps as a dedicated center to a pair of Belles, LaScala's, Corns, or a set of Klipschorns as I intended to do with it. This is your chance to own a gorgeous mini-center - all you have to do is build a matching La Scala style bass module. Or one possible option might be to buy a matching Klipsch 12" woofer and mount it in a basic "box" and hide it out of sight. Then the C-Horn could be mounted underneath your big-screen like most center channels are. The woofer would supply the missing low frequencies and it would sound fantastic!

I have quite a bit invested in it up to this point what with all new parts, materials, and of course I paid Matt for his time (not enough I'm afraid). I would like to ask $350 for it to my fellow forum members and at that I will lose some money. Offering it here first but it will go on e-bay pretty soon so give me a shout if you think you would like it.




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