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Parasound amps with Klipsch


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Yes, I have heard a pair of RF3s hooked to a parasound, can't remember exactly which amp, but the combination was nice, no real complaint about the sound. In addition to the parasound, you might look at a Bryston, Adcom, or Aragon (the new 2000 series look SWEET). Let your ears be the judge!



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I use Parasound amps with my La Scalas. I am VERY pleased with the results. They are very clean, neutral and keep a vice-grip control over the woofers. I use a 1203A and a 1000A. The 1203A operates in Class A up to about 1.25 watts and the 1000A up to about 1.6 watts. With La Scalas, that amounts to loud! I recommend them.


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I run a Parasound 2205 with my KLF speakers and couldn't be happier. The sound is crisp and tight at any volume level ( at lease levels that you can remain in the same roomEek.gifSmile.gif.



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Behringer DSP1124P


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Just to let you all know, I've placed a bid on the Parasound 1205A for $649. After scouring the internet for as much information as I could, I just gotta believe this is one super amp, maybe even better than that on my Onkyo 696 (just kidding). I have made all the requisite family member's approval requests and was told, "Yeah, sure. Why not? If it will make you happy." They're a very special family, given the fact that I've already spent $14,000 in the last year upgrading the electronics in my bedroom (this includes my new computer setup). Now, if only I can get my wife to agree to allow me to put a little fridge and microwave by my bed, I'll never leave, never go to work, never talk to my family again...wait, perhaps that's why they're agreeing. Anyway, now for the preamp...

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