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WTB - ADC525x


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I know its a long shot on here, but I am in the market for a ADC 525x or even a 325x with the factory microphone. The last 10 on ebay have not had the microphone, or have had a microphone which wasn't correct. Don't really care if it has a remote or not. Willing to go about 250 for one that is in good condition.

I know people on here are not likely to have one, but if you happen to see one while browsing around other places. Please let me know.



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Nice equalizer. The BSR 4000XR or the 1414XR are virtually identical and made by the same parent company something to keep in mind.

Keep your eye out for a Sansui SE-88 or SE-99 if you can get one complete they are well worth it.

You could also pony up the bucks for the DBX 14/10 which is the top of the line, but as you stated most knuckleheads don't have the mic or use the incorrect one and damage the circuit.

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