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SOLD Epson 8350 SOLD!!


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I am selling my Epson 8350 projector. It only has 354 hours on it and looks and works flawlessly. I purchased the projector form HH Gregg and paid an extra $500 for a transferable warranty which even covers lamp replacement. I have all original accessories and box. Also included with the projector is a ceiling mount that is made specially for this projector and either a 35' or 40' HDMI cable (sorry, can't remember for sure). This will be shipped double boxed and insured. Looking for $1000 plus shipping. You cannot find a better projector for this price, especially when you factor in the warranty. You can also do local pickup in Urbana Ohio.

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This is a great deal for anyone thinking about a huge screen set up.For about $300 you can have a screen custom made to your needs.For the price of a decent tv you can have a GREAT tv.I watch mine in the day often, with an 8ft x 6ft window, and standard blinds.It looks great and has about 1500 hours.Good Luck with the sale, if anyone seen it they'll know it's a deal.

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Finally sold!! Now I can order the Epson 5010 I've had my eye on.

Glad to hear you got it sold.....good luck on the upgrade.

Thanks for your input on the 8350, I have it up and playing now. You were very right, it IS a big upgrade from my old hd65!!

Just like your rt-10d, this projector is a perfect fit into my system and environment.


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