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Yeaterday I hit the big 50!cwm3.gif My Wife gave me a new Yamaha CDC-685 CD player! She really couldn't understand me wanting another black box, but pulled through anyway! I have been using my DVD player for audio. I can't believe how good the CD player sounds compared to the DVD player. Anyone else noticed this? Should I use the RCA or digital outputs?



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I had the complete opposite experience.

I replaced my $1700 Anthem CD-1 with a Sony 9000es -- and found the sound from the 9000es much more engaging and transparent.

The Anthem was 6 years old, and I attribute the difference to the newer DAC's.

All the newer players, regardless of make -- are light years ahead of previous offerings.

How old is your dvd player?



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That price sounds low for even that player. If it is in good working condition, it's a great price. Not sure of the repair history but have heard good things about the sonics. There are several versions of that player. IT might be the very first.



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I believe the 601 is a VERY early player for them, quite possibly their first. The have had the 602, 603, and the new 100, that is their most solid machine to date and also their most expensive.

Here are a few remarks:


You might consider putting a bit more into your front end. I dont know a lot about this player either although I have seen one in person.

This player probably has older digital circuitry and a lot has happened on the last three years. Do you have any other options? Would you be able to audition this piece?


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I was considering this player because of its price as a tube CD player. I won't be able to audition it before I buy it. I know that the current owner bought it used and its tubes are upgraded to Sovtek.

To put things into perspective, I have a decent Home Theater system and I decided to setup a tube system for music. I am considering a modifed Dynaco st-70 (or maybe an Eico HF-81, which seems more affordable at the moment) and some Klipsch Heresey speakers. I don't have a CD player and Jolida 601 could fit nicely into this setup. It looks like, due to budget limitations, it will take me while to put this together, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

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