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Epic CF3 Bracing & Damping Project


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Do not replace the foam because of the way it looks. There are two things you can do to improve the sound. 


Remove only the the very bottom foam near the port tubes. Use about a pound of Fiberfill around the bottom. Do not block the port tubes. 


Damp the horn with 11 ounces of PURE silicone caulk. It comes in a tube.  


These two changes will get rid of a high frequency harshness and make the speakers more accurate. They a bit nasal in stock form. 


These changes will turn your Speakers from good to great. 




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1 minute ago, Jirachi said:

@wvu80 Dunno if knew this, but the v3 have 2 braces inside compared to a single in the v1


I did not know that. 


My CF-4 v1 has two braces and I added a third. I could not hear any difference but it made me feel better. 😎

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1 hour ago, Jirachi said:

Oh really yours came with 2 braces? Mine only have a single

I’ll post a pic next week when I am in front of my computer. The braces are upper and lower thirds, I added a brace/shelf for the heavier EV DH1506 CD in about the center. 


Edit. I may have fibbed to you. I found my Post #1 and it looks like it has a center brace. Now I’m not sure what I added in terms of bracing. I’ll check my pics when I get back to my computer next week. 

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